A Japanese electronics and video game company known for Donkey Kong and Super Mario games creates many novelties for its fans every year. As they have been releasing video games for more than 55 years, it’s a good time to remember their history and notice changes in their products. So let’s see classics and novelties on Nintendo!

Donkey Kong

This game, released in 1981, made a lot of profit for Nintendo; thanks to Donkey Kong, this company became as popular as the Beatles. The fact is Donkey Kong became the most recognizable character of Nintendo games along with Mario.

Also, such an arcade game was one of the most important ones at the golden age of arcade video games that had been continuing from the late 1970s to early 1980s along with Scramble, Popeye, Champion Baseball, Kung-Fu Master, the list goes on.


This game, made by USSR programmer Alexey Pajitnov, became popular in Japan, the USA, and Europe thanks to Nintendo itself!

In 1989, Nintendo allowed its fans to play Tetris together by releasing it on the Game Boy platform. This company also released Tetris games in the early 1990s, 1999, 2006, and 2011 years. In 2019, they came up with the idea to make Tetris 99 — an online battle royal game. The fact is that this product is available only for Nintendo Switch online members. This game is the best bet for you if you and your buddies like to spend time competing in Tetris because such a game on Nintendo enables you to play with 98 members where only one can win.

Such a game isn’t popular now, but fans of it participate in the Classic Tetris World Championship.

The Legend of Zelda

We know The Legend of Zelda as a series of high fantasy action-adventure video games. Games in such franchises are a mix of role-playing, adventure, and action genres.

The fact is that this game is one of the first ones where you can see the religious theme, Christianity in particular.

For example, the Book of Magic in this game is similar to the Bible. It’s interesting that in the Japanese version, developers actually do call this book the Bible! If you reflect such a fact in your essay on religion, it will be a good one for religion paper examples because by playing The Legend of Zelda, we can notice how religion impacted the video game industry.

Or another example. In Zelda II, you have to use the Cross to turn invisible items to visible. Likewise, Wizzrobes have red crosses on their robes.

Although the first part of this game was released in 1986, you can relish new parts of this game in the 2020s. For instance, the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is anticipated to release in 2022.


Fortnite games, released by Epic Games, are spread by a free-to-play model. It means that everyone can play it without paying. The fact is Nintendo Switch Online offers such a game for free for Nintendo fans.

Now Fortnite fans are all about playing in the new Fortnite part, Fortnite Invasion. This 7th chapter of the second season of this game came out on 8th June 2021. You can create your own alien called Kymera. During the whole game, your task is to collect alien artifacts to update Kymera.

New Pokemon Snap

This game is unusual because you can take Pokemon photos and save them in your in-game album. Especially for fans adding filters and parameters as it’s possible to manage:

sharpness, etc.

You find new Pokemon and explore them with your professor. You travel on islands, try to avoid straying in dense jungles, suffer from heat in deserts, the list goes on. But the main key you should understand in this game is the Illumina phenomenon. For this purpose, you take Pokemon photos.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

The series of games with Mario is actually one of the most legendary franchises in the world, along with Sonic the Hedgehog, GTA, Fallout, Resident Evil, and Need for Speed.

To think of Mario is a threadbare thing could not be further from the truth. There are a lot of products with this hero, and Mario Golf: Super Rush is one of them. Maybe it’s good marketing that you can think about if you are ever writing up marketing essays or people just like Mario. Who knows?

Mario Golf: Super Rush enables you to discover in 3D mode three of the most famous locations where the main scenes occurred in this game.

The Bottom Line

As you see, everything old is new again. Nintendo games fans wait for games about their favorite heroes and like to enjoy them, like Assassin’s Creed fans buy new parts of the game again every year. Maybe all legendary heroes will be replaced, but it’s nothing to say that they will live on in the game industry.

By Mike Scorpio

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