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Next month, players will be able to embark on a mission to rescue Earth’s most precious plants in the apocalypse exploration game Doomsday Vault. The game will release on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac on August 5, 2021.

In Doomsday Vault, players will have to navigate “desolate landscapes, flooded cities, and derelict buildings” in the hopes to find seeds from endangered plant species and transport them back to the safety of the Doomsday Vault.

To help promote Doomsday Vault, two new trailers are now available to watch on YouTube. One is the Release Date Trailer for the game and the other is a developer video that provides insight into how the game came to be.

Alternatively, you can also watch them both below.


Doomsday Vault – August Release Trailer


Doomsday Vault – Reveal

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