Torna ~ The Golden Country

Welcome to Switch History, the feature series dedicated to rounding up the software updates for some of Nintendo’s biggest Switch games. In today’s piece, we’re highlighting the updates for 2018’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country:

Torna ~ The Golden Country

Update History:

Ver. 1.1.0 (Released September 2, 2020):

Changes and New Features

  • Korean text is now supported.
    The text can be changed to Korean by setting the Nintendo Switch language setting to Korean. (Korean voices are not supported).

Ver. 1.0.2 (Released December 2, 2018):

Changes and New Features for the Expansion Pass and Torna – The Golden Country:

  • A Nopon called the Nameless Wanderpon has been added to the Feltley Village Camp. Speak to him to receive the Massive Melee Mythra, an Aux Core that slightly alters the look of Mythra’s outfit.
    • The Aux Core will be automatically sold if you speak to the Nameless Wanderpon with a full inventory.
    • If sold in this way, the Aux Core can be acquired by speaking to the Nameless Wanderpon again.
  • Members of the same team will now exchange voiced comments with each other when a battle concludes.

Ver. 1.0.1 (Released October 18, 2018)

  • Fixed an issue with the Affinity Chart, in which completing it did not cause Trust to become S rank, and the completion reward item was subsequently not earned.
    • After downloading the update, checking the Affinity Chart again will cause Trust to increase to S rank and give the player the completion reward item.
  • Fixed an issue with the third requirement to Meet characters from the Community List for receiving Jin’s Affinity Reward, Mineralogy. This issue prevented characters that had been met in event scenes or cut scenes to not be counted as met unless the player talked to them outside of those scenes.
    • This applied to the characters Popolo, Onyx, Kaleena, and Leo.
    • After downloading the update, if you have already viewed the necessary event or cut scenes, these characters will automatically be counted as met.
  • Added a help message to the quest A Rare Sense of Justice that will appear when conditions to advance the quest have not been met.
  • Fixed an issue when performing a Chain Attack temporarily preventing character selection after a round of attacks had been completed.
  • Fixed an issue causing a character switch to take too long when selecting Brighid for a Chain Attack after she had used her Confining Flames ability.

Source: Nintendo

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