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Outrageous couch co-op Very Very Valet is skidding into retail and the Nintendo Switch eShop this May.

EDISON, NEW JERSEY – 5th May, 2021 – From video game publisher Nighthawk Interactive and developer Toyful Games, Very Very Valet brings up to four players together to take control of a chaotic valet station. Players must team up to tackle a severe parking shortage and the chaos that ensues.

Co-op gaming fans will experience an all-new challenge as one to four players take control of an “elite” team of puppet valets, working together to overcome any and all valet-related challenges. Teams will need to get creative and utilize a “just park it anywhere” mentality to save the world from a severe parking crisis.

A demo for Very Very Valet is available right now via the Nintendo eShop from 6th May and the store page can be found here.


The frenzied gameplay in Very Very Valet features:

Madcap Couch Co-op – Valet alone or with up to three other players to solve a severe parking shortage. Help each other and hitch a ride, or cause chaos by launching fellow valets across the map.
No License Required – Accessible driving controls allow anyone to quickly become a valet, with plenty of hidden techniques to master and corner the valet market.

The World is Your Parking Lot – Players can show off their car corralling skills in over 20 unique levels spanning locations and scenarios such as city streets, cliffsides, bowling alleys, airports and even trainyards.

Become Very Very Valet – When joining this elite squad, players are ready to accept the challenge and navigate through any parking obstacles that get in their way.
Pre-orders are now open at major retailers including Target, GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, GAME and Best Buy. Physical versions will include the added bonus of an exclusive playable Valet.

Very Very Valet will be available for Nintendo Switch at U.S. retailers for $29.99 May 25th and the Nintendo eShop globally for $24.99 / £19.99. The game has been rated E for Everyone / PEGI 3.

For more information visit, or follow along on Twitter (@toyful_games). #veryveryvalet


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Very Very Valet

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