Monster Hunter Rise Sub-Camp Locations

Make getting around and hunting easier with our Monster Hunter Rise Sub-camp Locations Guide.

Monster Hunter Rise has five large maps that can make it quite time-consuming to get from one point to the other. Fortunately, you can activate fast-travel locations called “Sub-Camps” so you don’t have to trek on foot or wear out your poor Palumute every time you need to commute. On each map, there are two Sub Camp areas (with the exception of the Shrine Ruin which only has one), and they all require a keen eye to find as some are hidden away in secluded areas.

Of course, you can’t just find a Sub Camp and it will be instantly activated. Oh, no. You have to talk to Kagero the Merchant after you finish your quest and he will have a request for you. When you complete the quest, you will then unlock that Sub Camp and you will be free to fast travel between camps of future hunts.

We have listed each of the eight Monster Hunter Rise Sub Camp Locations below. You will find their general location and the request that you will need to complete the unlock them. (All Locations are listed in the order as they appear in the Village Quest Expedition Tour Menu).



Monster Hunter Rise Sub-Camp Locations

Shrine Ruins

Shrine Ruins Sub-camp #1

This Sub Camp is found in the Northern area of the map just above Area 10. You will need to use your Wirebugs in order to climb up the rocky ridge and at the peak of the ridge, you will find a Sub Camp. Once found, Finish your Quest and return to Kagero the Merchant at Kamura Village.

Kagero’s Request: Slay 8 Izuchi in the Shrine Ruins (Security).

A relatively easy task. Just go around and kill 8 Izuchi on the map to fulfill this request. Return to Kagero and speak to him again to gain access to the Sub Camp.


Frost Islands

Frost Islands Sub-camp #1

There are two Sub-camps in the Frost Islands and you can easily find both of them before returning to Kageru. To find Sub-camp #1, you will need to go to the rocky outcrop between Area 6 and Area 7. Use your Wirebugs to climb over the outcrop and then drop into the hole above. You will find a flooded area with a campfire just sitting on a dry patch just out of the water. This is Sub-camp 1.

Kagero’s Request: Slay 8 Zamite in the Frost Islands (Security).

It is a simple task that requires some patience. You have to kill Zamite but they aren’t exactly abundant. You can normally find two of them just North of Area 8. You can kill them and return in about 5 minutes or so and another two will respawn. If you only find one there, there will most likely be a smaller one just under the water’s surface. After you slay all of the Zamite, return to Kagero and speak to him again to gain access to the Sub Camp.

Frost Islands Sub-camp #2

This Sub-camp is on a rocky outcrop to the West of Area 8You will need to use the Wirebugs to launch yourself up there and you will eventually find an opening between the sheer rock walls. Inside is Sub-camp 2.

Kagero’s Request: Requested Items – Warm Pelt x2, Monster Bone S x4 (Materials)

Kagero simply requires materials to unlock this Sub-Camp. You can find Monster Bone S on most Monster Skeletons that you find scattered throughout the maps. The Warm Pelt can be carved from Anteka that are the Elk-looking creatures in the Frost Islands. you can also acquire them from Kelbi (goats) in the Shrine Ruins.

Sandy Plains

Sandy Plains Sub-camp #1

Sub-camp #1 can be found on top of the rocky outcrop between Areas 2,3, & 7. It is surrounded by ruins.

Kagero’s Request: Slay 8 Kestodon in the Sandy Plains (Security)

Kestodon are pretty common in the Sandy Plains so it shouldn’t take you too long to take out the required amount. You can find them gathered up at the watering hole in Area 5. There can be around 4-5 Kestodon here so even if you don’t slay the required amount in one full swing, just return to this area after about five minutes or so and they will spawn again.


Sandy Plains Sub-camp #2

To find Sub-camp #2, head towards Area 8 and then progress towards, Area 9 whilst hugging the righthand-side wall. You should find an opening that will take you to a hidden Oasis. Here you will find an extinguished campfire to set up the new Sub-camp.

Kagero’s Request: Requested Items – Lagombi Pelt x1, Monster Bone M x2 (Materials)

The Lagombi Pelt is obtained by slaying and carving a Lagombi. The Monster Bone M can be carved from animals like the Rhenoplos that can be found near the main camp in the Sandy Plains at Area 1. It may take a few tries to get the Monster Bone M but you will get it eventually.


Flooded Forest

Flooded Forest Sub-camp #1

There is only one Sub-camp to find on this map. It can be found immediately South East of Area 11 (right next to the number 11). It is atop of a towering cliff face. Use the vines to climb up and you will find the camp inside a cave.

Kagero’s Request: Slay 8 Wroggi in the Flooded Forest (Security)

You can find plenty of Wroggi in the Flooded Forest, a good place to start is Area 11, at the base of where the Sub-camp is going to go. You can also find them in the dry area between Area 9 and 5.


Lava Caverns

Lava Caverns Sub-camp #1

From Area 10, head North up the path and you will find a suitable area for Sub-camp #1.

Kagero’s Request: Slay 8 Uroktor in the Lava Caverns (Security)

The Uroktor are four-legged reptiles that can be found in Area 14. You can find 2-3 of them here so you may have to return a couple of times for them to respawn.


Lava Caverns Sub-camp #2

Sub-camp #2 can be found between Area 6 and Area 7, just north of the broken bridge.

Kagero’s Request: Requested Items – Tetranodon Hide x1, Monster Bone L x2 (Materials)

The Tetranodon Hide is obtained by slaying and carving a Lagombi. The Monster Bone L can be carved from Large monsters and even found in the Bonepiles around the Lava Caverns. Chances are, if you have reached the Lava Caverns, you may already have picked up these materials along the way.


Thank you for reading our Monster Hunter Rise Sub-camp Locations Guide. We hope that you found it useful and that you will take advantage of the Sub-camps to fast travel between Monsters. We have another handy guide all about weapon controls and combos if you are interested. You can also find out more about Monster Hunter Rise at the official website.

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