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We hope you’re ready for another gallery because now we’ve shown you the characters, it’s time to show you the available weapons in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin:


Great Sword

A slash-type weapon for an attack-focused fighting style. Charge skills level up the Charge Gauge, enabling the use of even stronger skills.


A blunt-type weapon great for breaking monster parts. Winning a Head-to-Head levels up the Charge Gauge, enabling the use of even stronger skills. Also comes with skills that are especially effective against opponents afflicted with abnormal statuses.

Sword & Shield

A slash-type weapon and shield, striking a good balance between attack and defense. Enables the use of heavy-hitting slash-type skills while also reducing the damage you take. Some skills block or parry attacks.

Hunting Horn

A blunt-type weapon optimized for team support. Besides regular attacks, it comes with a variety of skills for supporting allies. The skills available to you depend on the horn’s melody.


A pierce-type weapon capable of inflicting abnormal statuses. Use a charge skill for a higher chance of afflicting your opponent with an abnormal status with your next attack. There is also a chance to follow up your attack with a power shot.

Any weapon type you’re itching to use? Let us know!




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