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Just because there’s a few months to wait before the release of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, it doesn’t mean eager fans can’t learn about featured characters and we have that information right here:


You are a Rider who was born and raised in Mahana, a village on a tropical island. Your grandfather, Red, forged a bond with Guardian Ratha, the revered monster who protects the island. Upon meeting Ena, you decide to leave your home with her in order to learn more about your grandfather and to discover the cause of all the strange happenings recently.

You can customize your appearance! – Express your personality with a fully customizable appearance, from hairstyle to eye color and more!


A Wyverian girl who knew your grandfather, Red. Hoping to work together to uncover the truth behind recent environmental abnormalities, she entrusts you with a Rathalos egg supposedly containing a legendary monster fated to destroy the world. You embark on your journey together. She is honest about her feelings.


A globe-trotting Felyne with an unforgettable face. You meet each other as he is traveling around. He is adventurous and positive. His favorite pastime is eating, and he always has room in his stomach for another donut. He acts as your guide, determined to help you as you endeavor to become a Rider.


Your grandfather who passed away years ago. In order to discover the truth of the mysterious happenings, he devoted his life to traveling around the world with his Monstie, Guardian Ratha.

Stories 2


A Rider from Mahana Village. Her Monstie is a Velocidrome named Avmar. She is free-spirited and has a bubbly personality. She teaches you the fundamentals of being a Rider, and acts as your mentor as you set out on your journey.


A Wyverian Rider from Rutoh Village. His Monstie is a Legiana named Shaulk. He is handsome and seldom speaks. While he acts cold and reserved, he takes a shine to you because you are the grandchild of Red, the first human friend he ever had.


The Palico of a young Hunter. She has a special perch for a Downy Crake to roost atop her head. Her motives are a mystery. What is she really after…?

*Note: Character details will be released at a later date.

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