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TCG collectors are going wild for Pokémon Trading cards lately and due to the high demand, their prices are increasing more and more every day. The first edition base set cards aren’t the only valuable ones; collectors have hundreds of different cards that they can invest in. If you want to learn more about these rare cards, read on to know why they’re highly sought after and why people pay thousands of dollars to get them.


Why Do People Love Collecting Pokémon Trading Cards?

People love collecting these cards because they can add them to their prized collection, which they may later sell for thousands of dollars. The actual card game is still popular today and players around the world diligently prepare for tournaments and get their decks ready to win huge prizes. On the other hand, some just collect them as an investment to make money because there is huge potential for making tons of cash by selling these cards. It all depends on which cards you collect, how rare they are, the PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) grading system, and their manufacturing date. Being a hardcore Pokémon fan is more than enough reason to want to get your hands on them.

The Rarest and Most Valuable Cards

The original Pokémon set includes some of the rarest and most valuable cards that can be sold for a lot of money. The type of card plays a major role in the price as well, and many collectors often look for specific types that aren’t easily found. The value of a card increases drastically if it was part of a limited edition released over 20 years ago. The holographic first edition Charizard Pokémon cards are prime examples of rare ones that can sell for up to $20,000 In fact, My brother was fortunate enough to have one of these cards when he was younger. However, in a sad turn of events, he no longer has the card and is kicking himself for selling it for $5,00 when it can fetch so much more now.

One of the most expensive Pokémon Trading Cards that are extremely hard to find is the Japanese Pikachu Illustrator card that can sell for almost $55,000. It’s one of the oldest cards ever made. Other valuable examples are the holographic Master’s Key cards that were given away to only 36 people in the 2010 tournament, and they are valued between $20,000 and $50,000.

The Rarity Levels

Most Pokémon Trading Cards have several rarity levels and some are more valuable than others, even though they’re of the same Pokémon. The different rarities are common, uncommon, and rare, which are good collectibles, but they don’t sell for much. The holographic cards with special engravings are always valuable with different prices, ranging from $2000 to $50,000, depending on the Pokémon. Reverse holographic cards are also very expensive, along with half-art and full-art cards that can sell for $100 to $5000. Promo cards are ultra-rare because they’re given away at special events or tournaments, and they cost around $20,000 to $55,000.

Pokémon Trading Cards

Pokémon is more than just a game, card collection, show, or movie; it has held a very special place in people’s hearts since the early 90s. This undying passion for anything related to Pokémon is the reason why these TCG cards are so expensive. It’s a huge investment to buy the boxes, but it gives you a chance to collect some of the rarest and most valuable cards ever created.

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