Product Reviewed: HC2 Decal Edition

Manufacturer: Gioteck

Version Reviewed: Decal Edition

Retail Price: £19.99

Manufactured by Gioteck, the HC2 Decal Edition is a universal stereo gaming headset that is compatible with various gaming platforms and mobile devices. Let’s jump right in!


Appearances and Features:

Featuring ear cups that are more rectangular in nature, the HC2 Decal Edition is an easy to look at headset that has a durable feel to it and your standard adjustable headband that helps users have all the space they need when using VR headgear.

The cable for features a flat profile, which feels a little awkward at first, but it soon grows on you. The midway remote has a nice little clip for attaching to clothing, a rotary dial for dialling volume up and down and the means to mute.

Now, where the actual headset differs to what you see on the packaging, is the fact that the headset does not come with a decal on it. It actually comes with three decal sets (two featuring a camo design and one that is Minecraft inspired) that users are free to choose between and attach the ones they prefer to use.

As for what’s in the box and full list of features, I have that information right here:

  • Adjustable VR headband
  • Lag free audio
  • Crystal clear chat
  • Extreme comfort
  • Adjustable headband
  • Removable mic
  • 5mm jack
  • Discreet inline volume and mute controls


Assembly and Performance:

In addition to users having to put the decals on themselves, something else they are required to connect is the removable microphone. A bit of force is required to make a secure connection, but you can remove it at a later time should you wish to do so and there is a minimal movement on the mic, but more than enough to tuck it under a face mask when out and about during COVID-19.

With regards to noise, majority of external noise is blocked out, with just enough outside sounds being subtle enough to be picked up, so as to allow uses to hear people sneaking up on them, or for a specific example, hear a very mischievous almost three-year-old child, getting up to no good. Thanks to the noise reduction however, it does feel good again to be able to being able to hear full phone conversations again.

With my last couple of headsets getting destroyed and a toddler who loves to make a lot of noise, taking phone calls at home has become a nuisance rather than a pleasure, but now the toddler is almost completely silenced and with audio that comes in crisp, clear and soothing on the ears, I can finally have proper conversations again and hear every word.

Lastly, when playing games with the headset connected or just listening to music on YouTube, I can now hear every word and sound without interruption and disturbance and that is heavenly.


If you’re on the lookout for a new headset, one suitable for gaming and just answering phone calls, without the disturbance of young voices shouting in the background, the HC2 Decal Edition by Gioteck, is a nice piece of kit. It’s durable, reliable and a pleasure to use, even if the cable is different compared to what your used to.





*Products were provided by Gioteck for the purposes of this review

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