Product Reviewed: WX-4 Wireless Controller

Manufacturer: Gioteck

Version Reviewed: Adventure Edition

Retail Price: £24.99

It’s time to put down the third-party Joy-Con and pick up Gioteck’s take on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller! It’s said to be the ultimate in pro-gaming control for Switch and now I’m going to be the judge of that.


Appearances and Features:

Right off the bat, anyone who owns a Pro Controller will notice a difference in terms of shape and size, with the WX-4 being slightly wider and possessing a shape more akin to traditional third-party controllers and nor is it as bulky as the heavy Pro Controller.

When I first felt the weight of a Pro Controller, the weight surprised me, but I swiftly adapted to it and have immensely enjoyed it ever since, but now with the lighter WX-4 in hand, I’d be lying if I didn’t enjoy the weight of the lighter controller. What’s more, since it is a third-party controller, not only is it compatible for the Nintendo Switch, but the PS3 and PC as well.

Because of this change, instead of having a ZL and ZR shoulder buttons, they are L2 and R2. As for the design, there are two Minecraft inspired versions of the WX-4, with one being the Cubes Edition and the other being Adventure Edition. Lastly, with regards to what comes in the box and controller features, let’s address that right now:

  • Wireless Bluetooth (Working distance: 10 metres)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Standard button layout
  • LEDs for power and player number
  • Motion & Vibration support
  • Data cable (USB Charge cable)
  • User Manual


Charging and Battery Time:

All charging is done via the micro USB cable that comes supplied with the controller. One end is to be plugged into the controller, whereas the other end can be plugged directly into your Switch dock, or any USA plug adapter.

When fully charged, all LED lights on the face of the controller will light up, and the controller is good to go for around 10 hours of gameplay.


Connecting to your Switch:

Connecting your W4-X is an easy affair, but for those wanting to know the official steps, they are as follows:

  • In settings, select the “controllers” icon
  • Select the Change Grip/Order
  • Press the Y and Home key until the mode LED lights up. The controller will then automatically connect to the Switch.
  • After successful connection, you will see the controller highlighted in user 1/2/3/4
  • Finally, press the Home key to return to the home screen


In case of issues when connecting, this could be a firmware issue and for shock adjustment, press and hold the capture key and press either the plus or minus buttons, to increase or decrease.


Performance and Gameplay:

In terms of performance, with rumble capabilities, the WX-4 performs in a very similar fashion as the Pro Controller. It has big buttons that are easy to feel and press, the analog sticks are responsive with very minor sticking

So, on a happy note, essentially, whatever game you wish to play on your Nintendo Switch, your WX-4 will rise to the occasion and perform admirably and while it can power itself off when five minutes have passed of not using it, you can always hold down the home button for five seconds.


For a controller said to “deliver mind-blowing, immersive gaming,” I can attest it is great to use. Enjoyable even and there have been many Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sessions where I have in fact played for hours on end, but at the same time, while it is a fantastic substitute and something, I’d happily use time and time again, I’m not quite ready to replace my official Pro Controller with the WX-4. It’s a cheaper alternative for sure that does the job well, but when you already have the best, why settle for anything less?





*Products were provided by Gioteck for the purposes of this review

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By Jack Longman

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