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The “Friendship Destroyer” Minigame Madness that is eXplosive Dinosaurs is out now on Nintendo Switch. Developed by RAWL Lab and published by Flynn’s Arcade, this party game supports up to 4 players with over 40 competitive minigames to battle and lord it over your friends. The Minigames all have their own themes and can be anything from Action, Puzzle, to even mini-RPG.

Some minigame names and descriptions include:

– “Hack every PC’s password” – Prehistoric hackers
– “Stomp on your rivals’ heads” – Headbang
– “Click the right download button or you’ll get a virus” – Download or virus

eXplosive Dinosaurs can be purchased digitally on the Nintendo eShop for $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.99.

 explosive dinosaurs

About eXplosive Dinosaurs:

eXplosive Dinosaurs is a party game, but not a casual or easy one: It is meant to be played by midcore/hardcore competitive players!
Starring 4 colorful dinosaurs that are always exploding while trying to prove that they’re the best winning all kind of minigames.


  • More than 40 minigames, up to 4 players, designed for midcore and hardcore players!
  • Prehistory mode (1-4 players): Go through dinosaur epochs discovering and unlocking new minigames!
  • Crazy arcade mode: an almost-impossible single-player challenge!
  • Team mode (2VS2): One player has to win the minigame, while the other sabotages the opposing team.


You can find out more about eXplosive Dinosaurs on the Nintendo.com listing.

Source: Flynn’s Arcade PR

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