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The Nintendo Treehouse Live Presentation has come and gone and we got to see plenty of Paper Mario: The Origami King gameplay. The first part of the presentation showcases the introduction to Paper Mario: The Origami King with Mario and Luigi heading to Peach’s Castle on a Kart! The video continues by introducing Paper Mario’s new partner Olivia and rescuing Bowser.

We get a good look at the battle mechanics like the ring puzzle, using coins to add more time and some of the different effects of the Toad Squad. We also get a look at the confetti function that fills in holes in the world and how solving some puzzles can help find more Toads.

What we found most interesting was the announcement by WayForward for their new game Bakugan Champions of Vestroia. It is a huge, Colorful RPG that blends real-time and turn-based battles. If you would like to see some screenshots of the game, be sure to check out the gallery.

Both games that were featured in the livestreams have been uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube Channel. You can check them both out below.

Nintendo Treehouse Live | July 2020 Paper Mario: The Origami King Gameplay

Nintendo Treehouse Live | July 2020 Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia

Kudos to the Nintendo Treehouse team for their work on the Nintendo Treehouse Live. They did an excellent job of presenting and commentating whilst working remotely from home. Luckily, there weren’t any notable technical difficulties and the livestream went off without a hitch.

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