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With less than weeks to go until the console and PC release of  Shantae and the Seven Sirens, (releases May 28, 2020) we recently scoured the likes of Twitter to see who’s talking about the release, who’s excited for it and we can’t help but admire the many works we discovered.

So, since we love them so, we’ve chosen to gather up a collection and share them all with you here and now, we hope you like them and who knows, you might discover an artists you like who’s worth following on Twitter. Enjoy:


@Nittyi1:Beach mode #Shantae for your feed which was also a re-upload.”

@pencilforge:Shantae DANCE.


@Schro: “More Shantae art! This time, featuring the eternally adorable Rottytops!


@lrt_art: “Just finished Half-Genie Hero, and it’s #mermay so I fancied drawing a mermaid form #Shantae.


@sonicboom30813: “Call it PAYMENT for my services, which were long overdue.


@lazylambz000: “What if Shantae had a bee transformation that looked like this? Nothing tastes sweeter than honey!


@TheStitchBirdA1:Drew #Shantae again because I like her alot.


@Sibenki:Does anyone else think #RottyTops would look good in a 1980’s Gogo dancer outfit? Not just me I hope. Brownie points if you can guess what the outfit is inspired from. :>


@CraigTheCroc:My contribution to #mermay. Mermaid Shantae! 😀


@DarkrexS: “Well Draw of Risky Boots.”


@ZeldaBoi1:We have officially made it to may. And y’all know what that means. #Shantae and the Seven Sirens is less than a month away. Let’s keep that hype going and try our best to avoid spoilers. Also hula Shantae to celebrate.

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