The 1.2.0 update has brought new features to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One such feature is that if you have been donating enough to your Museum, you will soon be able to upgrade it to add an art gallery. This is a process that takes several days and a number of encounters with the mysterious Jolly Redd. It is not clearly mentioned how to upgrade the Museum in-game but not to worry, we will take you through it. Just follow these steps and you’ll be shifting art like your name is Thomas Crown.

Step 1: Talk to Blathers in the Museum. He should thank you for all the donations that you have made and that he is thinking of getting a permit to expand the Museum.

Step 2: The next day, Isabelle will mention in the announcements that a mysterious character has come onto the Island. This means that Redd is on your island. Find him wandering around your island and talk to him. He will try to sell you some artwork at an extortionate rate. He will then offer the same painting at 4,980 bells. Buy the painting and donate it to Blathers at the Museum. He will tell you that he can now get the permit to expand the Museum.

Step 3: Wait two days for the renovation to be done. On the second day, the Museum will open up again and the new Art wing will be open and can be accessed by climbing the staircases in the lobby.

Step 4: Redd should be about again on your island. You will be notified by a small icon on the secret North Beach on your map. He won’t be on the boat though, he will be wandering about again on your island. Talk to him again and he return to his boat and allow you to buy one piece of artwork a day (be warned that only one piece is real, the other three are authentic replicas). Once you make your purchase, it will be sent to you the following day. He will also have a couple of pieces of ‘rare’ furniture that you can buy as much as you like.

Note: Redd is not a permanent visitor. He will pop by from time to time. If you don’t see his icon on the map, you will have another visitor on your island.

We hope our little guide helps you with upgrading your Museum. We have a video below that can show you what you need to do.

By Mike Scorpio

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