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For those of you that have exhausted your own island’s resources or, looking to pillage resources elsewhere, you have most likely taken a trip to a mystery island by redeeming a Nook Miles ticket.

By flying with Dodo Airlines to Mystery islands, you will find yourself on a randomly generated island. These islands are lush with resources, of which depend on the type of island you have. These can be any kind from Fruit Islands, Bamboo Islands, Trash Islands, Bell Islands to Tarantula islands.

Reddit users by the name of u/trollmz and u/eugenetor have researched the various island formations and have put together a diagram with each island’s layout and general guide to what type of island you can encounter and what resources can be found on them.

If you would like to know what you can actually find at each island, we recommend that you check out the original guide on Reddit.

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