Indie games developer QubicGames have announced that they will be donating 20% of their revenue from any of their games sold on Nintendo Switch from April until June to help fund Hospitals and Health Service organizations so they can purchase medical supplies needed to treat Coronavirus COVID-19. The company has already donated an estimated $75,000 USD to help purchase surgical masks to be distributed to hospitals around Poland. They also hope that other video game developers will follow suit to help support the fight against COVID-19 and will be launching a website to highlight the contributions made by collaborating Game Devs

We have the official announcement from QubicGames below

The company will donate 20% of its revenue for April, May and June, has purchased medical supplies for distribution and will push to rally more of game dev scene into helping.

March 27, Warsaw, Poland | QubicGames, the Polish game developer and publisher has chosen to funnel a substantial amount of its revenue and efforts into helping medical services and organizations dealing with Coronavirus.

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is one of the few groups benefiting from this pandemic, while the medical services actually fighting head first with the virus are often hanging by a thread. We feel we can’t just sit by hoping they cope while we idly count our money. — Jakub Pieczykolan, CEO Qubic Games.

How QubicGames Will Be Helping

  • 20% of all revenue made from all games in their Nintendo Switch portfolio (40+ titles) sold during April, May, and June 2020 will be donated to health and medical organizations fighting with the Covid-19 pandemic. This also includes all new titles set for release in this window — HyperParasite, Tharsis, Gravity Rider Zero and DEX.
  • Note: Revenue accounts for all money left over after the QubicGames has paid their required commissions, licenses fee and taxes associated with a game sale. They will not be deducting their own operating costs prior to taking 20%.

    All of the money for donations come from QubicGame’s revenue and any devs working with the publisher will not have any of their income affected at all. The plain is to have 50% of the funds distributed between various international health organizations including the W.H.O while the other 50% will go to various local Polish hospitals

    Source: QubicGames PR

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