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The beautiful thing about video games is that there is something in it for everyone. People have different moods, preferences, and tastes. But sometimes, beginners who are just starting out in a game struggle at first because things might be too hard. Luckily for you, we’ve picked out some of the current famous and well-liked games with some tips to help you play a lot better.


One of the most famous games out there today, Fortnite is a game that is a sure favorite for many gamers worldwide. This cooperative survival and battle-royal game is so good that it can be played on your phone when you’re on the move too. So, it would be smart to read up on some of the best tactics to play the game better. It will take time to master combat fighting, so you need to play a lot of fights to practice and hone your skills. It might take some time, but you will be able to control the fights and rise up victorious with each game through practice.

Also, remember to loot as fast with your pick-ax, as you can save time and avoid getting sniped from behind. Remember that walls are your friends, you should constantly build barriers and walls to block shots and stay alive longer. And speaking of staying alive, your movement is crucial, and you shouldn’t make yourself an easy target; remember to crouch and jump around while running so you can be a harder target to shoot. Tips like these can make a huge difference in your playstyle and you might see yourself winning more matches this way.



Another iconic game that many gamers have loved since they first watched the old series many years ago. The franchise has seen many different variations of games over the years and many players wonder which starter they should play with. Arguably, one of the best starter Pokemon games you could go for would have to be Mudkip; this little guy’s power is water and ground and it’s from the third generation. You’d see amazing results once he evolves into Marshstomp and then Swampert. Having a dual-type like this can help him with defenses against electricity. It has a slow speed stat, but it’s well worth choosing because of its various fantastic moves.

Another one that can be a great choice for you has to be Torchic; it’s a strong fire starter that can later evolve to a combination of fire and fighting type when it turns into Combusken and Blaziken. It’s an extremely impressive Pokémon with strong special attacks; the variety of moves it can learn makes it a powerhouse against some of the best challengers out there.


World of Warcraft

Another fan favorite has to be MMORPG sensation that is WoW; the journey started back in 2004 and it’s been going on strong ever since. The game takes you on an amazing path where you choose to be either a Horde or Alliance; each faction has several races to choose from and they all have different classes to pick. Once you’ve made your decision, you will start questing and exploring the wilderness to gain gear and experience.

If you’re leveling, it’s best to get an add-on called NPCScan or SilverDragon to help you find rare and strong creatures while you’re exploring; they drop a fairly decent gear and they give a ton of experience, so you gain levels faster. You can always sell the item if it isn’t Bind-On-Pickup in the auction house, which brings us to one of the best ways to make gold as you level. You should learn gathering professions like herbing or mining so you can sell these materials and gain more gold. The great thing about this is that you gain experience every time you mine a node or pick up herbs. Another add-on that works perfectly with questing is called WoW-Pro, it’s a huge one that has so many guides for leveling and professions; it basically tells you what to do and how to do it much more efficiently.

Once you hit the maximum level, it would be wise to read more on how to play within your class perfectly. You should learn which stats you need for your gear and what rotation you should follow when you fight; it would be in your best interest to join a guild too. You can’t achieve some of the more difficult encounters alone, so your best bet is to make some friends along the way and fight together for glory and powerful loot.


League of Legends

This competitive MOBA game has been popular for many years and many people still play it today. Some people might spend time deciding on which heroes to choose when they battle, but you should focus more on improving yourself and your playstyle because you can rank high on almost any hero if you’re consistent and patient. It would be great if you start your game with three rejuvenation beads and a health potion; they give better health regeneration and it scales up as you level. You can sell the remaining beads later for gold, so it won’t be a total loss for you.

Also, if you find yourself stuck on the silver division and you can’t seem to be able to hit gold, then you should hop into a couple of FlexQ placement games by yourself. This solo tactic can actually make you gain more MMR and you’d be placed with other people that are gold level, so you will achieve the gold standard yourself when you win more games.

If you feel like any of the games are too difficult for you, there’s no reason for you to give up. You won’t be a noob for long, all you need is just time and consistency. You will see yourself rise up in the rankings of the game and have a blast while doing so. So, choose the right game for you, read up on it, and apply the new things you’ve learned to become better at it.


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