Hey folks! Welcome back to our latest Mobile News Round-up! Brand new updates, features, and additions have arrived in both Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp & Mario Kart Tour! News this week included the start of the London Tour in Mario Kart Tour, and the second part of Jingles Frosted Forest.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp:


Jingle’s event is only halfway over?! But I’m so full! Ah, well… There’s always room for gingerbread, isn’t there? Bring it on, campers! And don’t miss out on the new flower seeds, either!


We’ve got another winter restock! This time it’s Fauna’s Toy Day cookie—just in time for Toy Day! Now you can celebrate the jolly holiday season by turning your campsite into a pretty winter snowscape. I almost wish it snowed year-round so I could ride that sleigh everywhere.

Mario Kart Tour:

Even when she’s not hitting the tracks, Daisy takes the opportunity to speed through the markets for a spot of window shopping! 

The Toads sure have their work cut out for them until the London tour ends on 12/17 at 9:59 PM PT. Don’t let those treasures topple! 


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