Hey folks! Welcome back to our latest Mobile News Round-up! Brand new updates, features, and additions have arrived in both Dragalia Lost & Fire Emblem Heroes! News this week included  “This Month in Dragalia Lost” for Dragalia Lost & the start of Book IV in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes:


Book IV has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! A new Mythic hero named Peony has also arrived with a brand new showcase featuring characters from Thracia 776.

With their struggle with the realm of the dead behind them, the Order of Heroes sets out to investigate a strange report out of a remote village. It’s said that the residents of the village have fallen victim to unrelenting nightmares.

Upon their approach, Alfonse and the others quickly succumb to an unbearable drowsiness. In their half-conscious state, they are approached by Peony, a radiant light elf with the ability to conjure pleasant dreams.

With a new ally at their side, it’s up to the Order of Heroes to fend off the dark elves and return to reality.


Dragalia Lost:

■December Events

・In the second week of December, we’ll be reviving the Dragonyule event.


The challenge battle will have a new difficulty level, and we’ll be increasing the maximum facility level. There will also be new Dragonyule adventurers and dragons available via summon showcase. We’ll share more information in future notifications, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

・We’ll have four Astral Raids in December


Astral Raids are on right now, but some bosses who have never appeared in Astral Raids before will be making their first appearance.

Barbary, Thanatos, and Chronos, who appeared in the first anniversary raid event, will all make their Astral Raids debut. The Astral Raids version of Chronos will be his dragon form, not Chronos Nyx.

Starting with the current Astral Raids, we’re also adjusting the amount of drop rewards and the number of trades you can make using astral shards.

I hope everyone challenges these battles!

・The Mercurial Gauntlet (light): Lv. 51-55 will unlock on 12/15(UTC)

Roy Fafnir III

・Chapter 11 of the main campaign will be added 12/16(UTC)


In chapter 10, the prince came into conflict with his siblings, and the first to stand against him will be… This chapter of the main campaign centers on Luca and some combat androids that oppose the prince and friends!

・Very Hard difficulty will be added to the main campaign on 12/16(UTC)

Very Hard difficulty, which will be even harder than Hard difficulty, will be added. It will unlock when you clear chapter 10 of the main campaign as well as the Hard difficulty for a chapter. By clearing it, you’ll be able to get augments and materials that will be required in the future for unbinding the sixth mana circle tier.

・Starting 12/16(UTC) in Void Battles, the Astral’s Baneability, which is effective against bosses in Astral Raids, will be added to the weapons you can craft by defeating the Manticore Void enemies for each element.

We’re also adjusting the amount of materials that drop, making these weapons even easier to craft. Astral Raids don’t happen very often, but you can get a lot of upgrade items each time. That’s why, to make it a little easier to challenge higher difficulties, we’ve increased the number of ways to approach these quests.

・We’ll share more about other events around the end of this year and the start of the new year via notifications.

■Regarding Future Updates

We’re planning one final version update for 2019.

Here is some information about the plans for that update.

・New high-difficulty quests, The Agito Uprising


The new boss quests announced in the September Dragalia Digest will be called The Agito Uprising. Unlike bosses up to this point, which have been predominantly dragons, these bosses take on an almost human form.

They’ll unlock after the update at the end of the year. We’re also creating new background music for the battles, so I hope you’re looking forward to it!

・With the next update, certain adventurers will be able to unbind the sixth mana circle tier

A new material is required to unbind nodes on the sixth tier. This new material can be obtained from the new Very Hard difficulty of the main campaign.

We’ll share more information about which adventurers will be able to access the sixth tier in a separate notification, but we also plan to adjust 3★ adventurers in the summoning pool.

・We will add a new flame-attuned Void enemy, Volcanic Chimera


The Volcanic Chimera is an extremely tough boss, but it has few gameplay elements designed for co-op*, like those you might find in Advanced Dragon Trials, but you can work to beat it in solo too!

When you defeat this boss, you’ll get crafting materials that will allow you to craft weapons that are more powerful than the core weapons and other Void weapons up to this point. The Advanced Dragon Trials are a challenge to complete when not playing co-op, but we hope this new enemy will become a way for players to get powerful weapons by playing solo before moving on and challenging the Advanced Dragon Trials in co-op.

We’re starting with flame, but we will unlock battles for the other elements over time.

・We’re adding Expert difficulty to certain Void enemies and changing the existing difficulty to Standard.


Expert difficulty battles will drop the material required for unbinding the sixth mana circle tier, and drops like the heart materials required for crafting will drop more frequently. The difficulty level is a little higher than Standard, but you can get a lot more rewards from these bosses.


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