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With the upcoming launch of Close To The Sun releasing on Nintendo Switch and other consoles, we reached out to the Developers behind the game Storm In A Teacup to find out more about it. Special thanks goes to Aaron Cooper at Wired Productions for helping arrange the interview for us. Aaron helped send our interview questions over to Storm In A Teacup’s Studio Head, Roberto Semprebene, who in turn, quickly got the answers back over to us in record time.

Miketendo64: A simple question to start with. Who are you and what do you do at Storm In A Teacup?

Roberto: Hi! My name is Roberto Semprebene and I’m Storm in a Teacup’s Studio Manager.

Miketendo64: For those unfamiliar with the game, what is Close To The Sun about?

Roberto: Close to the Sunis a first person horror adventure set on a gigantic ship, the Helios, created by Nikola Tesla to be a floating heaven for all the best scientist of his time. The main character is Rose, a journalist summoned on board by her sister Ada, a prominent scientist on the Helios. Once Rose arrives on the Helios, she understands that something must have gone terribly wrong and she will have to find her sister and get away alive.


Miketendo64: How long did the team spend developing the game?

Roberto: We spent 2 years working on Close To The Sun, plus some months working on some polishing and localization.

Miketendo64: What made you choose the late 19th century for the setting for the game?

Roberto: We wanted to work with a steampunk setting, moreover, involving Tesla and Edison it was imperative to set the game between the end of 19th century and early 20th, even if our story is in an alternative reality, where Nikola Tesla actually won his race against Edison.

Miketendo64: Close To The Sun is releasing on multiple platforms, are there any differences between versions?

Roberto: The game is the same in all versions, clearly there are some differences in terms of visuals as the technical specs are not the same for each version. Switch version gains the portability against some visual effects that could not be implemented.


Miketendo64: In regards of the Switch version, did much optimization have to be made to get the game running on the console?

Roberto: Ahahahah, as I said, there were some compromises we had to accept, but it works pretty smoothly, we’re satisfied with what the porting team achieved (we didn’t work directly on the console portings, even if we did support as much as possible WARP, the valiant team that made them).

Miketendo64: Will you be continuing support for the game post-launch via updates, patches and/or additional content?

Roberto: Support will be clearly guaranted, additional content will be considered if our players will ask for it. For sure, we created Close to the Sun as a story in a fictional universe in which many other adventures can take place. Moreover, many aspects of the story can lead to spin-off and side stories… We loved working on CTTS, we’ll always be ready to offer something new related to such a beloved game!

Miketendo64: Which version of the game do you feel is the most definitive version (Switch, PS4, Xbox, Steam)?

Roberto: All of them, depending on what’s your favourite device. Personally, I’m more a console player and while I’m skilled with a pad, I totally suck with mouse and keyboard, but many in the studio are PC gamers… and the Switch version is so cute! They’re all definitive and their content is the same.


Miketendo64: After playing the game myself on Nintendo Switch, I noticed some blurred visuals, especially when walking into large rooms. Is this an intentional effect or do the limitations of Switch hinder the rendering process?

Roberto: Clearly, we had to accept some compromises to let the player enjoy the ride, what you noticed is part of them, We hope it didn’t affect your experience too much.

Miketendo64: Is there a possibility of a sequel to Close To The Sun? Perhaps following a different protagonist and their ordeal on the Helios?

Roberto: Man, you already said too much, Helios security has already been alerted!

Miketendo64: Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this interview. We hope all goes well with the launch of Close To The Sun. To finish up, is there anything you would like to say to those reading this interview?

Roberto: Well, first of all thank you so much for reading this. I really hope you’ll enjoy exploring the Helios, feeling the vibes of that gigantic ship and that you’ll have fun with all the secrets Tesla’s ship has been keeping for you to unveil!



We would like to thank Roberto again for taking the time to take part in this interview. We hope you at home will consider picking up this title on Switch or your preferred platform of choice. We now have some gameplay footage of Close To The Sun uploaded to our YouTube Channel which is also embed above in this interview. Definitely be sure to check it out if you are interested in buying this game for Nintendo Switch.

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