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Hey folks! Welcome back to our latest Mobile News Round-up! In our 2nd part this week, we will be covering the new events happening in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp & the start of the Tokyo Tour in Mario Kart Tour!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp:


If you don’t want to miss out on some scary-good rewards, then make sure you stop by the campsite daily. There will be Ghastly Gimmes available every day for those who regularly haunt the campsite.


Jack, the Czar of Halloween, has returned to the campsite to create some mischief! He’ll be hosting the Fishing Tourney, and he comes bearing treats! Catch lots of fish and give them to Jack, and he’ll reward you with some awfully…familiar-looking pumpkins.

Mario Kart Tour:

The two-week Tokyo tour starts today! Plus, the starting line is near for those who want to race on additional classic Mario Kart courses. Are you excited to race throughout Tokyo? Start racing now! 


Here are the spotlight drivers for the Tokyo Tour!


Peach (Kimono): 10/8 11:00pm – 10/15 10:59pm

Mario (Hakama): 10/15 11:00pm – 10/22 10:59pm

These two characters are dressed to impress in traditional Japanese wear for the Tokyo tour.

In addition to the recently announced Wario and Rosalina appearances, even more familiar faces are joining the race during the Tokyo tour! Make way for the adorably fierce Baby Rosalina and that rascally Bowser Jr.!


Just a little piece of breaking news on Mario Kart Tour!  “Mario Cup” will be the ranked cup for the second half of Tokyo Tour (Oct. 15 11:00pm – Oct. 22 10:59pm)! 

Practice makes perfect so prepare yourself for glory!

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