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“Hi everyone!”

This is normally my greeting of choice when texting or tweeting. Even though I am not doing any of those two things right now, I thought it was appropriate to introduce this segment along myself with a proper greeting (and it is a cheap way of getting started, you caught me there).

When I got asked to write for Miketendo64 in some sort of a weekly column other than reviewing video games while having absolute freedom with it, I felt a lot of things.

I was flattered, because it did not occur to me that I was that interesting enough or participating much in the past to goe offered something like a column on the website. Typical case of underestimating yourself here, yeah yeah.

The other thing I felt was… fear. Fear of the unknown and me trying several times to come up with some features for the websites I am writing for. Never being satisfied with the attempts of me writing such content, I discarded every draft quickly.

Third was me feeling stressed. Every writer or artist knows that feeling, at least that is what I like to assume. You must do something. You absolutely have to, but you do not want to at the same time. I was afraid of that happening to me when I ran out of ideas at some point.

If you count the reasons I listed above, you will see that I had mixed feelings. Mostly negative, too. Why did I decide to do it anyway? Heh, because there is something like challenging yourself and also stepping out of your comfort zone that everyone preaches you should do.

So, I did that. And I also hope that you are enjoying that new segment along the other new things on Miketendo64 here! Maybe I will also inspire you to step out of your comfort zone? Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy me being here on a regular basis!

See you in two weeks for Lady Sugarcube’s Gamescapades #2 – I would never imagine you are into video games…

Next week, This Column will be available in my native German Language.

Stay tuned, thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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