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Today Epic Games released the weekly patch for Fortnite. Last week we saw the Fortnite X Jordan collaboration which brought 2 new skins and challenges for players to complete which rewarded custom skateboards. This week’s update isn’t that major but it still has a few new features such as the new hotspot feature appearing on the map.


New feature- On the map a hotspot will appear on a named location which means loot is increased as well as supply drops

Weapon & item balancing- Shadow bomb nerf and Combat Shotgun nerf

Vault- Supressed SMG vaulted however Semi automatic sniper is back in the game!

New weapon- Burst SMG found in uncommon, common and rare variety.

New LTM- Close counters, unvaulted and sniper shootout

Bug fixes- Many bug fixes patched such as the players being stuck in vehicle bug:

  • Dropping part of a consumable item stack no longer interrupts using the consumable.
  • Shadow Bombs correctly leave the players inventory when no charges are left.
  • Shadow Bombs are consumed properly when quickly picking up a replacement item during activation.
  • Combat Shotgun now applies appropriate environmental damage falloff.
  • Ability to move is no longer lost if Rift-to-go was used with Balloons.
  • The Bush now correctly attaches to players in specific animations, such as skydiving.
  • Resolved inconsistent behavior while using Flint-Knock pistol during crouch.
  • Air vent audio is now correctly removed upon on destruction.
  • Boogie Bombs now properly prevent affected players from skydiving.
  • Camera issues when exiting a Mounted Turret have been resolved.
  • Remote Explosives will now open and close with doors they are stuck to.

I hope you enjoy this weeks update! No update is needed so drop in now and experience the fun!

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