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Killbrite and SOEDESCO have announced that Among The Sleep is celebrating it’s fifth year anniversary by releasing an enhanced edition on the Nintendo Switch. The First-Person horror game is out on the hybrid console today and can be downloaded or bought physically today.

We have a new Launch Trailer for the game as well as an overview of the new game features.

Enhanced Edition with extra content

The Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition contains the completely new Museum Level, with behind the scenes content and extra footage. It also includes a digital artbook and a digital soundtrack. Moreover, players now get to choose which pajamas their character wears in the game. Finally, a new dialogue has been added and a plethora of improvements were made in terms of visuals, performance and gameplay.


  • Enhanced edition with extra content, better performance and updated visuals
  • Put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out what has happened to your mother
  • Unravel a disturbing story filled with tension, symbolism and psychological horror
  • Creep through threatening environments like a twisted forest and a dark house


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