Let’s face it, Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package is actually a really fun game, even with its glitchy moments. The freedom to go literally above and beyond in the satirical sense provides players with hours upon hours of enjoyment. There are times however where the enemies can be quite tough (especially the brutes) and it can leave you worse for wear. Not to worry though as we have a whole list of Saints Row: The Third Switch cheats for you to put into effect and lord over Steelport.

Saint's Row: The Third Switch Cheats

Now, fortunately, all of these cheats are the same for whatever version of the game you play. They work on PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Switch. To input the cheats, you need to go to the phone menu in-game and select Extras. Once in Extras, you will find the Cheats app. Open the Cheats app and you will find a list of Cheat options like Add Cheat, Weather, Vehicles, Gameplay and World. Don’t worry if you don’t see anything other than Add Cheat, Gameplay, and World. As soon as you enter cheats, they will automatically appear and will list the cheats that you have typed in.

Saint's Row: The Third Switch Cheats

When the cheats are typed in, they will be added to their respective Folders. They are not activated after being typed but can be activated when selected in their approriate folders. Be warned though, activating cheats will turn off the Autosave function but if you deactivate the cheats, the function will return.

Without further ado, let’s show you some cheats.


  • cheese – Instantly gives you cash
  • fryhole – Heaven Bound (The Dead All Go To Heaven)
  • runfast – Infinite sprint, you can sprint forever
  • whatitmeanstome – Instantly gives you respect
  • pissoffpigs – Add police notoriety
  • goodygoody – No police notoriety
  • lolz – Add gang notoriety
  • oops – No gang notoriety

Weapon Cheats

  • giveapoca – Adds Apocafists to you inventory
  • givear55 – Adds AR 55 to your inventory
  • giveultimax – Adds AS3 Ultimax to your inventory
  • givebaseball – Adds Baseball Bat to your inventory
  • givechainsaw – Adds Chainsaw to your inventory
  • givecybersmg – Adds Cyber Blaster to your inventory
  • givecyber – Adds Cyber Buster to your inventory
  • giveblossom – Adds D4TH Blossom to your inventory
  • giveelectric – Adds Electric Grenade to your inventory
  • giveflamethrower – Adds Flamethrower to your inventory
  • giveflashbang – Adds Flash Bang to your inventory
  • givelauncher – Adds GL G20 Grenade Launcher to your inventory
  • givedigger – Adds Grave Digger to your inventory
  • givegrenade – Adds Grenade to your inventory
  • givekrukov – Adds K-8 Krukov to your inventory
  • givekobra – Adds KA-1 Kobra to your inventory
  • givesniper – Adds McManus 2015 to your inventory
  • giveminigun – Adds Mini Gun to your inventory
  • givemolotov – Adds Molotov to your inventory
  • givesword – Adds Nocturne to your inventory
  • givercgun – Adds RC Possessor to your inventory
  • givedrone – Adds Reaper Drone to your inventory
  • giveshield – Adds Riot Shield to your inventory
  • giverpg – Adds RPG Launcher to your inventory
  • givehammer – Adds S3X Hammer to your inventory
  • giveairstrike – Adds SA-3 Airstrike to your inventory
  • givesatchel – Adds Satchel Charge to your inventory
  • giverocket – Adds Shock Hammer to your inventory
  • givesonic – Adds Sonic Boom to your inventory
  • givestungun – Adds Stun Gun to your inventory
  • givetek – Adds TEK Z-10 to your inventory
  • givedildo – Adds The Penetrator to your inventory
  • giveslm8 – Adds Viper Laser Rifle to your inventory


  • repaircar – Repairs all damage to your vehicles
  • giveambulance – Puts Ambulance into your Garage
  • giveanchor – Puts Anchor into your Garage
  • giveattrazione – Puts Attrazione into your Garage
  • givebootlegger – Puts Bootlegger into your Garage
  • givechallenger – Puts Challenger into your Garage
  • givecommander – Puts Commander into your Garage
  • givecondor – Puts Condor into your Garage
  • giveeagle – Puts Eagle into your Garage
  • giveestrada – Puts Estrada into your Garage
  • givegatmobile – Puts Gatmobile into your Garage
  • givekaneda – Puts Kaneda into your Garage
  • givekenshin – Puts Kenshin into your Garage
  • giveknoxville – Puts Knoxville into your Garage
  • givekrukov – Puts Krukov into your Garage
  • givemiami – Puts Miami into your Garage
  • givemunicipal – Puts Municipal into your Garage
  • givenforcer – Puts Nforcer into your Garage
  • givepeacemaker – Puts Peacemaker into your Garage
  • givephoenix – Puts Phoenix into your Garage
  • givequasar – Puts Quasar into your Garage
  • givereaper – Puts Reaper into your Garage
  • givesandstorm – Puts Sandstorm into your Garage
  • giveshark – Puts Shark into your Garage
  • givespecter – Puts Specter into your Garage
  • givestatusquo – Puts Status Quo into your Garage
  • givetaxi – Puts Taxi into your Garage
  • givetitan – Puts Titan into your Garage
  • givetoad – Puts Toad into your Garage
  • givetornado – Puts Tornado into your Garage
  • givevortex – Puts Vortex into your Garage
  • givevtol – Puts Vtol into your Garage
  • givevulture – Puts Vulture into your Garage
  • givewidowmaker – Puts Widowmaker into your Garage
  • givewoodpecker – Puts Woodpecker into your Garage


  • clearskies – Sunny weather
  • overcast – Cloudy weather
  • lightrain – Rainy weather
  • heavyrain – Very rainy weather


  • notrated – Bloody Mess (everyone you kill explodes)
  • isquishyou – Your Vehicle smashes other vehicles
  • dui – Everybody’s on the crunk juice (drunk)
  • mascot – All pedestrians are mascots
  • hohoho – All pedestrians are pimps and hos
  • brains – All pedestrians are zombies
  • letsrock – Gives you a full suite of Weapons
  • goldengun – One shot fiream kills
  • vroom – Your vehicle is immune to damage

Thank you for checking out this post. If there are any cheats that don’t work for you or there are some cheats missing from this list, please be sure to let us know in the comments.

By Mike Scorpio

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