Once more another theme week is underway at Miketendo64 and this week, we’re celebrating #SteamWorldWeek and what better way is there to kick things off, than to go back to where it all began!

 SteamWorld Tower Defense

While SteamWorld Dig was one of the first game’s most SteamWorld fans were introduced to, by no means was it the first game in the series, as that honour belongs to SteamWorld Tower Defense.

First released back in 2015 on July 5, SteamWorld Tower Defense is a DSiWare title that takes place in Cowbot County. As the sheriff of such a locale, players command a robot army powered by steam and must fight off waves of invading humans in the pursuit of gold.

Not every critic on the scene favoured SteamWorld Tower Defense, but there were some such as IGN that was completely smitten by the game that they couldn’t help but praise the controls and how fun the whole game was.

Sure, there were those who stated the game wasn’t particularly ground-breaking, but this was the game where Image & Form introduced us to Steambots for the first time and it left enough of an impression for its developer to turn around and take a game and make it into series.

Unlike other SteamWorld games, Tower Defense is only playable on the Nintendo 3DS and hopefully that will soon change. It might not be everyone’s favourite game and Image & Form have yet to ever return to its genre, but with the series celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020, we are hopeful that Image & Form may choose to work on a possible remaster/sequel to celebrate the epic occasion.

As great as it would be to get a Dig 3, Heist 2, Quest 2, or a new kind of SteamWorld game altogether, as far as 2020 is concerned, with the life of the 3DS coming to an end, now is as good a time as any to ensure the game that started it all, is given a new lick of paint and given a second lease of life, instead of fading away into obscurity. Tower Defense deserves to come to other consoles and with luck, this is a wish that will be granted.

For more on Tower Defense, an official overview and game trailer can be seen here:

Welcome to Cowbot County, land of the superior robotic race of SteamWorld! Like the Sheriff, stop the human invaders in their frantic search for gold. Create attack robots on the roads and look, the invaders are falling! Use the special abilities of your robots in this variation of the original Tower Defense, where strategy and execution are equally important. For the novice there is an “Easy” mode. For all there is a unique challenge in the great western sections. See you soon! Screen texts in English.

We hope you enjoyed this little lesson on the first game in the SteamWorld series!

By Jack Longman

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