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Moero Chronicle Hyper Nintendo Switch review

Developer: Compile Heart

Publisher: Idea Factory

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Version Reviewed: eShop download

Category: Role-Playing, Adventure

No. of Players: 1 player

Release Date: April 25, 2019 (EU & NA)

Price: $29.99



Before there was Moero Chronicles Hyper, there was Moe Chronicle, (Genkai Tokki Moero Kuronikuru,) a Japanese RPG dungeon crawler that first released on the PlayStation Vita in 2015.

It is the second game in the Genkai Tokki series developed by Compile Heart and was greeted with a successful launch, a review score of 31/40 by Famitsu and since 2015, has been making the rounds due to additional releases on various platforms, which now includes the Nintendo Switch. Only this time, the name of the game is Moero Chronicle Hyper and this release is an HD remaster.



Meet Io, a young male who has a tender heart, but a crippling issue, constant unclean thoughts towards the opposite sex. Because of such issues, Io has lived a life full of worry and having a hard time to fit in, but he’s going to have to face his demons because trouble is on its way.

Spreading throughout Lothium, (home of the humans) and Monstopia, (home of the monster girls,) came a phenomenon capable of causing disasters and turning almost every monster girl against the human race.

Following rumours that the phenomenon is the work of a legendary monster girl, desiring the end of humanity, heroes are dispatched to stop her, but when none return, it soon falls to Io to put things right, or die trying.

It’s not all bad, as the wandering hunter of panties and game mascot Otton is on hand to join forces with Io. Although Otton does have a tendency to get carried away, especially when a reoccurring mystery monster girl is on the scene.



Being an RPG dungeon crawler, the majority of Moero Chronicle Hyper’s gameplay is primarily made up of two things, exploring and battling. Across the game’s available dungeons, they must avoid hazards, traverse floors, and prove themselves victorious in a battle against the dungeon boss.

Nevertheless, getting to said bosses is no easy task, as battles against the local monsters can be triggered at any time. There are also more powerful monsters present who will frequently stand their ground and block your path whenever possible and there are monster girls.

There’s also chests that you’ll want to track down and you’ll also need to keep an eye out for save spots because they can quite literally save your life and the further you progress into the game, the less frequently they appear. There’s nothing worse than spending an hour grinding against powerful monsters, just to have all five team members of your party fall in battle and you have to start all over again from where you last saved.

Another thing you can encounter during your exploits are job panties, which can be used to change classes of the monster girls you befriend. You can also find raw material panties that are used for crafting and come upon harvest points to collect items.


As for how to know when a floor is complete, provided you have been everywhere, when viewing through your dungeon map, it will say COMPLETE on a completed floor, just don’t go expecting to complete every floor the first time you’re in a given dungeon as there are many paths to take and sealed areas that can’t even be accessed until you’ve beaten the game and are doing the added post-game quest.

But what of the battles? While Io doesn’t actually dirty his hands, his burning desires can be injected into his assembled monster girls and have them do all the fighting for him.  As long as one of your monster girls are still standing when all enemies are defeated, victory is yours.

While Io doesn’t fight however, there are five commands he can use during battles. One is to do nothing by being Idle, another is to try to Escape, and a third is to use an Item. As for the other two, one is Store, which allows him to store Desire P and the second is Release, which allows you to release the stored Desire P to one of your monster girls, to power them up.

It is possible to store too much however and as such, a “Calm Time” state shall occur. Your monster girls however, have four commands, with the first being a basic Attack, the second will have them use any of the Skills they have learned, at the cost of SP, but they can also Defend and Charm.

 Although I didn’t use it much myself, charm can be handy as it does allow players to increase their Desire P, or decrease Calm Time. Most of the time, I simply used skills, which can range from special physical attacks, elemental attacks, restore life, grant buffs and debuffs, and also attack multiple enemies in one hit.


To ensure battles go smoothly however, you’ll want to make sure to attack an enemy with a move they are weak against, be it a physical attack, or a magical water attack against a fire type enemy.

When battles are over, players can earn Gold, Rub P, and items, while their monster girls earn experience points, except not every battle is straight forward. When fighting against monster girl bosses and monster girls that are local to their given dungeon, while you can attempt to deplete their health bar and call it job done, you’ll won’t get the chance to have them become yours.

Instead what you need to do is attack specific body parts and areas of colour. By depleting the health bars for these specific areas, players can cause Otton’s Excitement Gauge to fill and initiate Bumping Scratch and here is where things get lewd.

Bumping Scratch is an event where Io sends his “Positive Desire” to monster girls, in a bid to “help them regain their senses” and join his course. During these events, players must find a monster girl’s weak points and touch them in the right way to fill their Purify Gauge.

Types of touch consist of Touch, Rub, Poke and Pick and you will know when you’re touching the right place, as stars will appear, but if you touch them with the right kind of touch, hearts will appear and the purify gauge will fill even quicker.


As for how to perform said touches, if you’re playing in handheld, touch the screen gently for a touch, touch continuously for a poke, rub the screen for a rub and cross two fingers for a pick. Just keep in mind that one the purify gauge reaches a certain point, you will need to start touching a monster girl’s other areas to find her next weak spot.

Just in case caressing an animated character, who cries out excitedly in Japanese isn’t enough, should you heart touch (touch a specific spot in the right way,) a monster girl enough, you can make Otton excited and if it reaches the maximum, Nude Flash will trigger.

Nude Flash is a brief event where a monster girl’s private areas become unclothed but are covered up by hearts and by rubbing as hard and as fast as you can on the screen, you can fill the purify gauge significantly.

Failure to successfully Bumping Scratch a monster girl will have them escape, but after a small passing of time (no more than 10 minutes,) they can reappear and you can try again, without having to battle them for a second time.

Incidentally, although Bumping Scratch is something that is exclusive to monster girls, it is possible for players to have defeated enemies also join their cause and as one last tidbit on the battle gameplay, when your monster girls are of a higher level to your enemies, you can always press Y to trigger auto battle and R to speed up battles.



Aside from the dungeon crawling, other content featured in Moero Chronicle Hyper is the Inn and the few perks that come with it. You see, with the inn feature, players can interact with each of the monster girls they have recruited, in a number of ways.

Should you visit a monster girl’s room, you can talk to them, give her presents, give her clothes, assign her a pet (a monster you’ve become friends with) and even do Bumping Scratch with them. These acts will enable you to raise your intimacy with them and as long as you have one full heart, you can change the outfit they are wearing.

One downside to costume changes, however, is the fact it does change the skills a monster girl can use, so even if you have a favourite and set her up in such a way, but hate what she’s wearing, a change of clothes is a change of class, so always dress accordingly.

Also in a monster girl’s room, events can be triggered between Io and specific monster girls. You can also use material panties and H monsters to craft items, accessories and building supplies that upgrade a monster girl’s room.


Not only can the act change their digs, but a room improvement does increase the amount of EXP a monster girl gets, even when she isn’t one of the five you have adventuring with you.

Also at the inn, players can alter their team at will, give them the best equipment and accessories you have at the time and even assign whether you want them to have a front guard or a rear guard position. (You can do these things when in a dungeon, but changing characters is only possible when you have a full party and have just got another monster girl to aid you.)

When organising your teams however, you will also need to consider the skills of each character and which of their Moe Traits you want to make the most of. Also in the inn is a pictorial book, which provides information on monster girls and H monsters you have acquired.

There is also a Divine option that is handy for getting insight into your monster girls and finding out where to go in specific dungeons to trigger certain conversations. Should you leave the inn, you will have the option to head to the in-game shop and stock up on items before exciting to the overworld and picking your next destination.


Other features the game includes is an extra one that does require you to beat the game, which can take up to 20 hours depending on which difficulty you’ve chosen. Literally called Extras, this feature is only available as a menu option on the main screen, but with it, players can check out characters, a gallery and the game’s 29 in-game music tracks.

Since the game is a remaster, there are also new features present. For starters, HD Rumble is present and during Bumping Scratch segments, activates the game’s “unique H-Vibration feature.”

There are also H-Secret items and Super Boost items that can be used to enhance your monster girls and during dungeon exploration, players can engage an auto-pilot mode, but you will need to bring up the map and can only select an area you have previously been to.

Battles can still be triggered while auto-pilot is engaged, but pressing any button will cease it, so if you mistaking cancel your current path, you will need to set it again.



On the subject of the game’s audio, there is enough variety that players won’t get bored of it too quickly and there is a very upbeat Japanese track that tries to grabs players when they boot up with game, but none of them are infectious enough to be etched into my head and drive me crazy.

While the tracks are temporary, at least the voice acting, while not perfect, does seem to have some personality and emotion behind them and don’t just sound like someone shouting loudly for the simple fact they were told to.



Being an HD remaster, it’s safe to say Moero Chronicle Hyper has never looked as good as it does now, but that’s not as nearly as much praise as it sounds like. Don’t get me wrong, the character design to the monster girls is great, as each one is drawn with fantastic detail, but the backgrounds in the actual dungeons, still look a little bland.

That aside, they’re nowhere near as bad as the design of the monsters you fight as some look like Pokémon rejects and others looks even worse. At least, even with the upgraded visuals, nothing has been lost as far as performance goes, as Moero Chronicle Hyper does run smoothly, with no evident issues.

I encountered no bugs, nor slowdowns when fighting multiple enemies, and handheld mode is just as enjoyable as playing the game in docked, except with handheld mode, it is much easier to perform the touch inputs, as opposed to playing with a Pro Controller and resorting to button combinations for poking and rotating the joysticks for intense rubbing.



While I can see how a game like Moero Chronicle Hyper can be appealing in its own way, no matter how hard I tried, I was just never won over by it. I like my RPGs to have a decent story to them and if they can’t be serious, at least be funny, and sadly, Moero Chronicle Hyper did not make me laugh.

I love a good RPG and I can’t ever get enough of a great one, but I do feel Moero Chronicle Hyper is a little too set in its own way that it will ultimately put off most who play it, but there is a possibility that its intended audience, could be pleasantly delighted by it.



Moero Chronicle Hyper is the most definitive version of Moero Chronicle yet, but it’s still the same old ecchi game all about lust, barely clothed monster girls, and a poor story that was never meant to be taken seriously, or played in a public place for that matter.





* A download key was provided by the Publisher for the purposes of this review

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