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Piczle Colors

Previously revealed in 2018, publisher Rainy Frog Games has now come out to reveal the release date for Piczle Colors.  Developed by Score Studios, the upcoming Nintendo Switch game is to release on January 31st of 2019. Rainy Frog Games have also taken to sharing pricing details, game overview, a new trailer and a link to the official website.

A complete overview of what has been disclosed can be seen here:

Piczle Colors Overview:

From Score Studios, who brought you the hit logic-puzzle series Piczle Lines DX, comes the highly anticipated follow-up! Piczle Colors will excercise your brain in exciting new ways with a unique logic-puzzle style, a fun story, a bucketload of extras and the return of your favourite characters!


Title: Piczle Colors

Genre: Picture-based logic-puzzle, illust-logic, brain teaser

Price: $12 US dollars / €12 euros / £10 GBP

Release date: January 31st, 2019

Players: 1

Rating: All

Platform: Nintendo Switch (Handheld, Tabletop and TV play are all supported)


Piczle Colors isn’t your typical grid-based color logic-puzzle! Like other puzzles of this type, hints next to each row and above each column tell you how many blocks of each color go in each row or column. By following these hints you can paint each part of the grid and reveal an image. However, these hints do NOT tell you the order they come in!

Smaller puzzles ease you into this new way of thinking. You can work your way through 6 levels with 50 puzzles each, ranging in size from 5×5 to 15×10. Each puzzle lets you start with a randomly cleared row and column if you need a helping hand, but clearing puzzles without using hints earns you coins, which you can use to unlock Piczle Colors’ many cool extra features!

Story & Characters:

Inventive genius professor Matrix has created a paint, Piczle Paint 3000, that can leech the color out of anything it covers. Needless to say his inventions, including this one, are not safe in the hands of Score-chan. Can you help her and Gig undo the great chaos created by her inevitable mishandling of Piczle Paint 3000? Also there is Dbug the cat who is naturally more concerned with cat matters.


Entitled android girl Score-chan is not only Score Studios’ mascot, she is also the cause of all the mischief the prof’s inventions wreak


Long suffering Gig, shaped vaguely like Score Studios’ logo, not only lost his mascot status to Score-chan, he is often tasked with helping her fix her mess.

Prof. Matrix

Genius inventor professor Molecule Matrix creates the most wondrous things only for Score-chan to mishandle them and cause chaos.


Dbug is a cat.

For anyone who would like to visit the site, feel free to use the link below:


Incidentally, there will also be a demo out next week. Be sure to give it a try.



Source: Rainy Frog Games PR


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