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Joggernauts has received a new update today that bring new levels and characters to the game. The most important of course, is not that there are more characters to play with but who the characters are. Joining Joggernauts are some characters that are very familiar with runner games. Hue and Val from Runbow join the Joggernaut gang. CommanderVideo of BIT.TRIP Runner fame and Cowpokes from West Of Loathing are also coming along for the ride.

A trailer for the Joggernauts BFFs Update has been uploaded to the Grafitti Games YouTube Channelwhich we have included below along with a short overview of each new character.


  • Cowpokes from West of Loathing. He was found in a makeshift saloon, which is odd because normally space ships don’t have saloons, and definitely not in their cargo rooms. I mean, there was that one TNG episode, but… well, nevermind.
  • Hue and Val from Runbow. They were discovered trying to turn a box of Switchalizer 5000s into some sort of color-based racing game.
  • CommanderVideo from BIT.TRIP Runner. He managed to climb a set of stairs, slide into an escape pod, and land on the moon Splizorp. He should be easy to find in one of the new levels, though.


Source: Grafitti Games PR

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