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I think everybody knew that Super Smash Bros Ultimate was going to have an extremely successful launch. However, I don’t think people knew by just how much. Well it has only been 11 days but Super Smash Bros Ultimate Launch Sales has been incredible, selling over 3 million copies in the US alone according to Nintendo America. Nintendo Europe have also issued a statement, saying that Smash Bros Ultimate’s total European sales over the first three days were almost 30% higher than that of Mario Kart Wii, which did extremely well back in April, 2008.

Mario Kart Wii sold around 4.697 million copies worldwide by August 1, 2008 in its first four months since launch. It has since gone on to sell 37.14 million copies. Smash Bros Ultimate has successfully beaten the first quarter sales of Mario Kart Wii with 3 million copies in the US, 1.2 million in Japan and Europe surely would have managed to scrape together 500,000 in the same time as well. Unfortunately, Nintendo Europe didn’t specify exactly how many copies have been sold so we can only surmise that Super Smash Bros Ultimate has sold well in Europe.

Any how, this is still incredible news and would most certainly put it in fifth place on Nintendo’s Million sellers list. As soon as they get round to updating it, that is.

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