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Earlier today, a new update rolled out for Dragalia Lost and the initial patch notes we were given for it, simply mentioned improvements and bug fixes. However, now that a few hours have past, the full and official patch notes have come in, which we’ll be sharing in just a moment.

The reason we’re delaying them for a second, is just to say that the update is available now and those who don’t update the app, there is an automatic update schedualed to occur on October 29 at 20:00 PT. A tenfold Summon Voucher will be available to those who update.  Now, here are those delayed patch notes:


Dragalia Lost: Update Notification 1.1.2: (2018.10.29)


New Features/Adjustments:

  • The following features and changes have been implemented.
    • The limit for getherwings will be increased from 6 to 12, with the maximum able to be held at one time increased from 50 to 99.
    • During raid battles, adventurer AI has been adjusted to perform more offensively (*This will not apply to non-raid battle quests)
    • Guests in raid events can now receive a chance to participate in an Extra Battle after clearing an Expert Raid.
    • During weapon crafting, a message will now be displayed when a weapon needs to be unbound.
    • It now takes less time before an adventurer can move after performing a dash attack.
    • The Auto function now carries over into the next quest. (*It will be reset when the game is restarted or when beginning a co-op game)
    • Camera distance adjustments made during gameplay are maintained.
    • When using the optimize feature to optimize adventurers with the Adventurers (under Apply To) option checked, weapons and dragons that match the adventurers’ elements will be given priority.
    • When using the optimize feature to optimize adventurers with the All (under Element) option checked, weapons and dragons that match the adventurers’ elements will be given priority.
    • The amount and types of upgrade materials used when choosing Auto to upgrade weapons and dragons have been optimized.
    • Tapping and holding the Castle button at the bottom of the screen will take you directly to the castle grounds.
    • AI adventurers will move toward treasure chests when the Auto feature is enabled.
    • Required might is now a condition to take part in raid events. (*This will be reflected beginning with the Kindness and Captivity raid event)


Issues Fixed:

  • The following issues have now been fixed:
    • Tapped facilities would sometimes immediately become deselected.
    • Tapping and holding the Castle icon at the bottom of the screen on certain menus would cause the game to stop responding.
    • Detailed information on helpers’ stats was not being correctly reflected at the start of quests.
    • Attempting to switch to the Upgrade menu while transitioning to other menus would sometimes result in an error.
    • The message “recommended might” was mistakenly displayed instead of “required might” at the start of quests in which your required might was too low.
    • It sometimes would become impossible to progress in mana circles.
    • Performing certain steps in a mana circle would sometimes cause the game to become unresponsive at the load screen.
    • In the Helper Settings menu, the details screen for your chosen adventurer was not displaying the skill level.
    • During co-op play, Zodiark would sometimes stop moving after a guest would give up.
    • In the matching screen for co-op play, ability and element-buff values were not being reflected on the adventurer-information screen.
    • Status-down effects were being amplified too much when certain adventurers used skills during co-op play. (Update to ver. 1.1.2 is required for all the members in the co-op room.)
    • Errors would sometimes occur when determining how much time was required to recover getherwings.
    • Adventurers recovering from stun as a result of Verica’s skill could not perform normal attacks, dash attacks, force strikes, and dodges.
    • The Sort by Element + Ascending order in the Friend List was not functioning correctly.
    • In the Pending Requests menu, accepting or denying requests from the bottom of the screen would cause the list’s display to become corrupted.
    • When looking at the detail screen for your friends’ adventurers, their equipment was not being displayed.
    • In the Graphic Settings menu, selecting Good or Sharp was making Force Strikes difficult to perform.
    • The English language display was displaying line breaks in the middle of certain words.
    • Quests shown on the tips screens were displaying the incorrect suggested might.
    • The facility level was not taking the smithy level into account when trying to level the smithy.



  • It may take time for the update information to be reflected in the store.
  • Users may not be able to perform the update due to their device’s data cache being full.
  • If you are unable to perform the update, restart your device, wait a few minutes, and then attempt the download from the store. 


The in-game shop will also be seeing some maintenance tomorrow, with the exact details viewable below:

Dragalia Lost version 1.1.2

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