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If you have played the NES – Nintendo Switch Online whilst connected to the internet, you may have experience some lag and low latency issues. Well it turns out that there is a setting that you can use to reduce input delay when playing online. The catch is that this Low-Latency Mode may possibly affect audio and visual effects.

Nintendo America have updated their support website with instructions to activate/deactivate Low-Latency mode.

  1. Start an online game from the NES – Nintendo Switch Online library.
  2. Open the Suspend Menu by pressing ZL + ZR*, then select “To Game Selection.”
  3. From the menu on the left select, “Settings,” then press the Y Button to turn on low-latency mode.
    • This option is visible only after starting a game online.
    • This setting will not be saved and will be turned off once you close your online game.
    • To manually turn off this setting, press the Y Button again.

* The button layout may vary if the Joy-Con are being used horizontally as individual controllers in Tabletop or TV mode.


  • When low-latency mode is enabled, input delay will be reduced when playing games online.
  • This setting may affect audio and visuals.
  • This setting is visible only after starting an online game.


Source:  Nintendo Support (Nintendo America)

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