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Even the mighty can fall


It’s been just over a day since Arena of Valor has been officially released on the Nintendo Switch and a Twitter on-looker has noticed that it has shot up all the way to the top game on the Nintendo Switch eShop “Best Sellers” list.

Thanks to Nintenderos we were made aware of this, so we decided to take a quick look at the eShop:


Arena of Valor being at the top of the ‘Best Sellers’ list could be a glimpse of what is to come, although we should admit that the small sample size doesn’t necessarily show if this is the last we will see of Fortnite at the top, or if Arena of Valor will at least be able to stay there for the foreseeable future. One thing should be noted, Arena of Valor will play an important role in the prospects of Nintendo selling Switch in the Chinese markets.

Just because you haven’t heard of Arena of Valor before or haven’t seen it conquer pop culture like Fornite has, doesn’t diminish how big of a title it really is. Already the biggest game in China and one of the most played games around the world, Arena of Valor is the first to bring MOBA-type multi-player combat to the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintenderos / Twitter

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  • The best-sellers is for how long of a period of time? This isn’t an all-time list, it never is.

    • That’s why I mentioned the small sample size (just over 24 hours after release). But it is good to see the game at the top, because this is a very important release, especially if Nintendo is able to sell the Switch in China.

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