Warning! Everything you will see in this article is a spoiler relating to Dragalia Lost. If you wish to click off now, feel free to do so now as there won’t be any other warnings going forward.

 Dragalia Lost datamined

With just one more day to go before the release of Dragalia Lost in select territories, a non-working version of the app is available now to download and it has already been datamined.

Much like the other mobile games published by Nintendo, a great deal of information has been divulged and has made its way to reddit, which we’ll be covering in just a moment, because firstly we want to thank @DragaliaLost_EN for pushing us in the right direct. (@DragaliaLost_EN is an unofficial Twitter news account, focused on Dragalia Lost. Feel free to give him a follow if you wish.) Now, let’s talk about what’s been datamined, shall we?


First up, is Level caps. According to a post by supersonic159, the caps for things such as Characters, Dragons and even Friends, are as follows:

  • Account Level cap: 150
  • Character Level cap: 80 when at 5 stars
  • Dragon Level cap: 100 when at 5 stars
  • Friend cap: 100
  • Stamina cap: 12, but there is room for it to be extended to 196


In the same post, supersonic159 also went on to share folders relating to images of Characters, Dragons and game information. Those images can be seen grouped below:

Datamined Characters:


Datamined Dragons:


Datamined Game Information:

  • Loyalty’s Requiem is an event players can expect to play in Dragalia Lost.
  • Defeating the Raid Boss can earn players a 5 Star Dragon.
  • Dragalia Lost will support a Daily free item summon.
  • Mana circle abilities include status immunity.
  • “Empire Battles” will be present.
  • Unlocking new stories will allow players to get a look at the daily lives of their allies.
  • Increasing bonds with Dragons allow players to unlock Dragon Stories, obtain Special Items and Extend Shapeshift Time.
  • Matching characters and Dragons can activate special abilities.
  • Dragontress can be planted in the Castle Grounds to produce Dragonfruit.
  • Wyrmprints can be upgraded and feature a change of appearance.

 On top of all that, although we already know the game makes use of co-op, it does seem as though there will be co-op events where 16 players can join together and take on bosses together. An image related to that can be seen below, along with a couple of other images associated with the mobile app:

For those of you who would like to know even more about Dragalia Lost, in order to prepare for its release, be sure to click on one of the two links below. One will take you to the official website and the other will take you to an introductory visual guide we’ve prepared. Happy reading:






Source: reddit via @DragaliaLost_EN

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