super bomberman r version 2.2

Totally random, but once more Super Bomberman R, has received yet another new update and Castlevania’s Alucard, has now been added as a Bomber, on top of everything else. Full patch note details can be seen below:


super bomberman r version 2.2

Bug fix patch (ver. 2.2) released September 19, 2018:


  • A new battle rule “Civilians” has been added to the Grand Prix mode.
  • Three Castlevania stages have been added where the new “Civilians” rule can be enjoyed.
  • New characters are available in the shop.
    • Alucard Bomber
    • Mimi Bomber
    • Nyami Bomber
    • Upa Bomber
    • Caesar Bomber
  • New accessories have been added.
    • pop’n music
    • Polyhedron
    • Boat
  • The special abilities of the following characters have been adjusted.
    • Bill Bomber: Firing speed of special ability is downgraded from 0.11 secs to 0.18 secs per tile.
    • Max: Added the special ability ‘Plasma Bomb’. All abilities in ‘Grand Prix’ are also adjusted.
    • The Five Dastardly Bombers: Special ability bombs, has the effect of accelerating/decelerating explosion countdowns depending on skulls, illnesses, etc.
  • Added ‘Random’ stage selection
  • Item locations in all Grand Prix stages have been adjusted
  • Various other small bugs have been fixed.


A new trailer has also been shared, and you can see it here:

Source: Konami

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