Owlboy Limited Edition

SOEDESCO has launched a new Limited Edition Program. Owlboy is the first of what they hope to be many special Limited Editions. The Owlboy Limited Edition comes packed with the base game and plenty of goodies like a certificate of authenticity, physical soundtrack, game manual, pins, sticker sheet and more.

The Owlboy Limited Edition is available in Europe now for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The US and Canada will have to wait a little longer when it launches stateside on September 28th.

You can find out more in the official press release below.



SOEDESCO’s Limited Edition program has officially kicked off

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – August 31, 2018 – The first Limited Edition by SOEDESCO hits the store shelves today! The Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 is now available. In the USA and Canada, the Limited Edition will launch on the 28th of September.

The first of many
The Owlboy Limited Edition is a very special edition that contains the base game along with several special collectors items. With only 6000 copies made worldwide per platform, this edition is rather unique. Each copy contains a certificate of authenticity with its unique issue number.

The Owlboy Limited Edition is the first product in SOEDESCO’s new Limited Edition program, and it won’t be long until a second Limited Edition is announced as well. The aim of this continuing program is to give more SOEDESCO games one of these special Limited Editions in the future.

Owlboy Limited Edition

Owlboy is a critically acclaimed pixel adventure platformer, with stunning graphics and incredibly detailed pixel animations. It tells the moving story of a clumsy little Owlboy called Otus, whose world is threatened by sky pirates. To beat this evil, Owlboy will need to fly higher than ever before, with his charming group of friends by his side.

The Owlboy Limited Edition contains the following items:

  • Owlboy base game for Nintendo Switch™ or PlayStation®4

  • Certificate of authenticity with a unique Limited Edition number

  • Original Soundtrack physical copy featuring the majestic Owlboy sounds

  • Owlboy notebook for logging all your adventures

  • Owlboy manual full of useful information about the game

  • Two pins, of the Owlboy logo and of main character Otus

  • Two metal coins inspired by the collectible ‘Buccanary coins‘ in the game

  • Pin box to safely store your pins and coins

  • Sticker sheet with seventeen magnificent Owlboy stickers



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