DOOM Eternal is coming to the Nintendo Switch, we know it sounds like a dream come true, but sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. But since it is one forthcoming title to be excited about, we thought we’d compile a guide on all things DOOM Eternal on Switch and that is why you can see a rehash of all official details, right here:


DOOM Eternal guide

A Switch Owner’s Guide to DOOM Eternal: (What we Know so Far)


August 13, 2018:

  • DOOM Eternal will see the return of the Archville. (Source)


August 12, 2018:

  • Eurogamer posted an interview with DOOM’s Marty Stratton (Excecutve Producer) and Hugo Martin (creative director.) Extracts from the interview can be seen below: (Source)
    • id Software is working on a “new kind of multiplayer experience in addition to the Souls-like Invasions – where players play demons in other people’s games – for the game” and it is being developed internally. (Source)
    • Bethesda have yet to properly set 2019 in stone, as DOOM Eternal’s release year, but at this time, it is the plan to have the Switch version, release at the same time as other platforms. (Source)
    • Unlike with DOOM 2016, DOOM Eternal is being developed with Switch in mind and id Software are working with Panic Button Games. (Source)
    • On Switch, DOOM Eternal will run at 30 fps, just like DOOM 2016 does. (Source)


August 11, 2018:

  • DOOM Eternal will feature the BFG-10000. (Source)


August 10, 2018:

  • A Nintendo Switch release for DOOM Eternal is revealed. (Source)
  • Bethesda shared new official gameplay. (Source)
  • DOOM Eternal is to see DOOM Slayer equipped with “several armor and weapon upgrades to use in.” (Source)
    • A new “dash movement, extendable blade, and a new Super Shotgun Meat Hook mod” are also confirmed. (Source)
  • DOOM Eternal will have DOOM Slayer battle hordes of demons across various dimensions, with one being a “true Hell on Earth.” (Source)
  • DOOM Eternal has twice the number of Demons seen in DOOM 2016 and several new enemies will be present for players to take on, “including reimagined demons from classic DOOM titles like the Arachnotron.” (Source)
    • Not only are there more demons, but Demons are destructible, as players can “blast off chunks of armor and flesh.” (Source)


As and when more Switch related DOOM Eternal news is shared, we’ll be sure to add them to the list above, along with the date the news appeared.


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