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Tatsumi Kimishima has now stepped from his role and Shuntaro Furukawa has officially become president of Nintendo. During the 78th Annual General Meeting of shareholders that was held today, Furukawa was officially appointed as the new President of Nintendo.

We have comments from Kimishima and Furukawa during the meeting below.



“I was appointed president due to the sudden passing of our former president, but due to the support of a great deal of good people – including shareholders – the Switch was released without a hitch. I don’t think I could retire at a better time. Thank you very much.”


“I will now be taking office as president and will serve as such at all future Board of Directors meetings. As a company, we will continue to change with the times, but no matter what we will continue to be a company that incorporates flexibility and ingenuity into the entertainment we produce – and continue to be devoted to making people smile.”


Source: Go Nintendo

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