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The Metroid fan community may be wondering why Metroid Prime 4 was not shown at E3 2018. Bill Trinen of Nintendo America explains to Game Informer that the game is still in development and that Nintendo will show more when they are ready to show more. The teaser last year was to show what to expect on Nintendo Switch as it was the Nintendo Switch’s first year. This Year, Nintendo are back to form with only showing games on a near-term basis.


Game Informer: Is there anything you can say about Metroid Prime 4? Is there a reason it wasn’t at the show this year?

Bill Trinen: It’s still in development.

Nate Bihldorff: But yeah, we’re not featuring it at E3 this year.

Trinen: I think the main thing is, as people have probably realized by now – we show things when we think we’re ready to show them. And when we think we’re ready to show Metroid Prime, we’ll show Metroid Prime.

Game Informer: More than a logo?

Bill Trinen: [Laughs] Last year was the first year for Switch at E3, so we took a bit of a departure from our usual approach to E3, which is to focus on more near-term stuff. Last year, because it was the first year for the hardware, we looked at things that were maybe a little further out. This year, you can see pretty clearly, we’re back to focusing on the near-term. We’ll have more to share with Metroid Prime 4 when we have something we think is going to wow people.

Metroid Prime 4


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