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The Limited Run Games press conference for E3 has just wrapped up and with it comes 8 upcoming Physical releases for Nintendo Switch. Do you plan on buying any of these eight titles? My personal purchases include Thumper, Golf Story, and Yooka-Laylee!

They kicked things off with everyone’s favorite Switch exclusive, Golf Story. It is set for a release in September of this year.


The second title included Layers of Fear Legacy which is set to arrive this October!


The third title they announced included the Rhythm game Thumper which is set for July 20th of this year.


The fourth title they announced included a Zelda like RPG named Oceanhorn. The game is now available for pre order at Limitedrungames.com


The fifth title they announced included Cosmic Star Heroine.


The sixth title they announced included Night Trap which is set for July of this year.


The seventh title they announced included Yooka-Laylee which is set for August of this year.


The final title they announced included Dust An Elysian Tail.


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