Rocket Leagues next ingame event is set to begin on June 11th, 10:00am PT! Beach Blast will act similar to Spring Fever and the Frosty Fest events that have happened in the past.


Official PR:

Beach Blast is Rocket League’s next in-game Event and it kicks off just before the summer arrives. Starting June 11 at 10am PDT (see full timing details below) you’ll be able to purchase ‘Beach Blast’ Crates with ‘Shells’ you earn for playing Online matches. You’ll also be able to purchase Beach Blast Crates directly through the Rocket League client (similar to buying Keys or Premium DLC Battle-Cars).

Like our previous Events, we’ll have 12 additional items for purchase with Shells as well, along with Decryptors! Check out screenshots of some of the items below!

Event timing details:

Beach Blast Start Time: Monday, June 11, 10am PDT (1pm EDT, 7pm CEST)

Beach Blast End Time: Monday, July 2, 5pm PDT (8pm EDT, 2am CEST on July 3)

Beach Blast ‘Shells’ Expire: Friday, July 6, 5pm PDT (1pm EDT, 7pm CEST)

NOTE: Want more details on how in-game Events, Decryptors, and Event Crates work? Click here for a more in-depth explainer.


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