Nintendo and Modern Technology

Nintendo and Modern Technology

The gaming market is set to eclipse over $90.07 billion by 2020 – an increase of nearly $12 billion in just three years. With just several brand houses expecting to sweep up the majority of the market share, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are at the top of the game when it comes to gaming. Each has carved out a niche for themselves and seems keen to continue to innovate in order to continue the market growth and allow healthy financial projection for the industry and the outlying sectors that feed into it. All except for Nintendo. Despite the strength the brand has, why does it seem uninterested in the most up to date technology?

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Is Nintendo Really Refusing Modern Tech?

Well, no, Nintendo is continuing to utilize technologies. For example, the 3DS was one of the first and most successful gaming experiences in full 3D, which shows that the company does listen to players who crave new tech. But, there are some aspects of gaming that Nintendo opts not to use. The company prefers a carefully thought out and measured approach to personalize games to the individual, as opposed to throwing every single piece of new technology at a game. Virtual Reality and 4K support are but two areas of tech that Nintendo is uninterested in. The argument stands that the company would have to be ahead of the general population in terms of tech uptake – which could prove financially damaging if the tech doesn’t catch on. But, that’s not the only thing – Nintendo also restricts the modern gamer’s favorite hobby – live streaming.

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The Growth of Live Streaming

Restricting live streaming on its consoles seems a strange move, given how gaming tech is moving towards live streaming to create an immersive experience for gamers. Indeed, live streaming site Twitch boasts around 45 million users per month – spread over those who play the games and those who just spectate. Live streaming technology is a facet of many aspects of gaming – Dota 2, the multiplayer desktop fantasy game, uses the technology to help position its tournaments, as players and spectators can view games of possible competitors as they rise through the official tournament ranks. Indeed, live streaming has touched the online casino industry too, with games providers such as Betway Live-Casino offering live dealer blackjack and roulette, which bring the casino atmosphere to the player to create a deeper connection to the game. Moreover, Facebook wants to encourage more live streaming of games on its platform and is even developing connections with gamers in order to achieve this. So, why don’t Nintendo embrace it – and go as far to ban it on their devices?


Don’t Count Nintendo Out Just Yet

This isn’t to say that Nintendo are deliberately shirking new technology. 2017 saw a leap for the gaming brand with Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp joining mobile gaming in November. Nintendo finally followed suit with other gaming giants that use the cross-platform approach to their gaming offerings. Moreover, the brand argues that they are focusing more on creating an engaging player interface and games that provide the content required for hours of entertainment. In fact, Nintendo were the originators of VR gaming technology with its 1996 Virtual Boy game. The game may not have showcased the height of the technology as we know it but the move showed that the company were a strong contender for the uptake of whatever technology was on offer. Nintendo’s choice to focus on the player rather than possible technology shows their commitment to the industry, and may even stand them in better stead than their competitors, who may be seen as jumping on any new tech bandwagon to try to curry some favor.


What About Pokémon Go?

The evidence goes to show that, when Nintendo do unveil the latest technology, in a timely and well-planned way, they are paid dividends. So, it could be argued that Nintendo is exactly where it wants to be on the curve, with legitimate reasons for avoiding certain newer technology fads and trends. The company helped create a range of Pokémon games, which grew into one of the biggest crazes of the year in 2016 with a share in Pokémon Go, which continues to retain a modest number of daily users. The game utilized AR technology – not quite virtual reality – augmenting reality to place Pokémon in front of players, which is arguably a greater step than Nintendo’s rivals. Nintendo may only have been a partner in Pokemon Go, but their stock rose 10% due to the game and its technology’s popularity. In fact, the game’s mechanics were so popular that Harry Potter and Animal Crossing are following suit – with the latter being another cog in the Nintendo machine. So, Nintendo might shun some modern technologies that might not fit perfectly with the brand – but when they do embrace them, they do so extremely successfully.

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So, while Nintendo may not be seen as embracing every single new update in tech, what a greater perspective can show us is that Nintendo pick and choose the technology that makes the most sense to them. Not every use of technology will be enough to maintain loyal fans, who will likely tire quickly of simple tech premises. Instead, Nintendo chooses to focus on the entire player journey to create a fulfilling game. There is no doubt that, over the years, Nintendo will continue to be a gaming goliath alongside its key competitors and that it will opt for the technology that proves the most beneficial to the company, as we have seen from Pokémon Go’s success.

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  1. That’s a good question. Ask Reggie File-Amie. Lol jk. I feel that for years Nintendo has always been a step behind modern technology and sometimes just use and depend on their name to sell units. It didn’t work with the Wii U however. I know technology won’t effect the content of the games but they should keep up with times just a little.

    1. Nintendo have always followed their own path. They innovate with technology and give it a new lease of life. Sony is always trying to be bigger and better but as soon as their newest console comes out, it is already obselete as technology advances so much these days. Nintendo creates new ways to play with what is already available and that is why, I think, is why it lasts longer and makes each console so memorable. And Yes, I do include the Wii U.

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