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Bad news folks, Yacht Club Games has announced that Shovel Knight: King Of Cards will not be releasing until the latter part of 2018. The studio express that they are still working away and trying to make it bigger and more surprising than the last. They haven’t dropped tools just yet but Shovel Knight: King of Cards still needs a bit more buff and polish.

Shovel Knight: King Of Cards


Here is what the studio had to say:

“That demo footage looks so good, right!? It’s like everything is done! That’s not quite the case quite yet but we are getting closer every day, inch by inch, commit by commit, and pixel by pixel! As we mentioned in our Two Million Sales Article we’re always looking to out-do ourselves and make every game bigger and more surprising than the last! We want King of Cards to be no different. After assessing where we are, and where we want to be, we now expect King of Cards to be ready for a grand debut in the latter half of 2018. It’s a ways away, but Pridemoor Keep wasn’t built in a day!”

So we still have a while to wait yet before we can play the final expansion of Shovel Knight. This gives us plenty of time to give the other Shovel Knight expansions another playthrough or two.

Source: Yacht Club Games Website

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