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Last week, Nintendo Treehouse took to their blog on Tumblr to share information on Mario Tennis Aces. Their first blog post was about two character classes: All Around & Technical. This week, Nintendo Treehouse has shared information about another two character classes. This time looking at Powerful and Defensive characters.

You can read more about these two character clases in the descriptions below.

Powerful Characters

Powerful characters can dish out shots with very high speed. Their movement may be slower than some of the other character types, but when their racket finds their target, watch out! That ball is going and gone. This character type is for you if you want to keep the pressure on your opponents with an offensive onslaught.

When up against Powerful characters, exploit their slower speed by aiming your shots far away from their position, where they hopefully cannot reach… (Unless they’ve mastered the Trick Shot…)


Defensive Characters

What do these two characters have in common? That’s right… Long limbs! Waluigi and Bowser Jr. (or his Koopa Clown Car, rather) use their extendable arms to strategically block, attack, or gra—wait, sorry, wrong game. They use their long arms to return all kinds of shots! It’s tough to hit a ball out of reach for these folks.

These characters will be very comfortable in the center of the court, where they’ll have great horizontal range to defend against balls that enter their turf. It maybe be best to try to mix up your strategy against Waluigi or Bowser Jr. by throwing in some Zone Shots or Special Shots to trip up their rhythm and displace them.

Mario Tennis Aces will be releasing on Switch on June 22nd. Some new screenshots have also been shared on the Nintendo Treehouse blog post. We have gathered some of them up so you can check them out below.

If you would like to see more, be sure to check out the Nintendo Treehouse blog!

Source: Nintendo Treehouse Log

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