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The Demo for Kirby Star Allies has released recently and already it has been datamined. Dataminers have discovered a treasure trove of information revealing the many abilities, characters and the amount of levels that will come in the game.

If you would like to know, then continue on pass this break. If you would rather not, turn around now.


Artist – Vividria, A Colorful ㊤ (???)
Beam – Waddle Doo, Beam Land
Beetle – Beetley, Unbeatable Beetle
Bomb – Poppy Bros. Jr, Bombs Away!
Clean – Broom Hatter, Spring Cleaning
Cook – Chef Kawasaki, Flavor Attack
Crash – N/A
Cutter – Sir Kibble, Cutting in Style
ESP – NESP, Psych Out
Festival – N/A
Fighter – Knuckle Joe, The Contender
Fire – Burning Leo, Roaring Fire
Hammer – Bonkers, Banana Mania
Ice – Chilly, Chill Winds
Mike – N/A
Ninja – Bio Spark, Savage Silence
Normal – N/A
Parasol – Parasol Waddle Dee, Floaty Dreamer
Plasma – Plugg, Powered Up
Sleep – N/A
Spider – Como, A Tangled Web
Staff – Jammerjab, Staff Striker
Stone – Rocky, Rock the World
Suplex – Bugzzy, What’s the Bug Idea?
Sword – Blade Knight, Staying Sharp
Water – Driblee, Rinse and Repeat
Whip – Wester, Wild-West Whip
Wing – Birdon, Freedom in the Sky
Yo-Yo – Gim, Up-and-Down Dynamo

Unlockable playable characters (unlocked either post-fight or post-game and treated similarly to Helpers)

King Dedede – Fight for the Crown
Meta Knight – Scourge of Darkness
Bandana Waddle Dee – The Legend of Dee

Note: Magolor may have been playable at one point, but has been scrapped

Friend Combos

Artist – Still Life
Artist + Stone – Rock Painter
Beetle – Friend Throw
Bomb – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Bomb
Clean – Friend Super-Vac
Cook – Cook Potluck & Supper Party (uncharged and charged)
Crash – Crash Rush
Cutter – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Cutter
ESP + Stone – Geokinesis
Festival – Festival Dance
Fighter – Friend Throw
Fire + Wind – Rising Sizzler
Hammer – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Hammer
King Dedede – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Hammer
Mike – Fatal Chorus
Ninja – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Ninja
Parasol – Chumbrella
Plasma + Water – Thundersplash
Bandana Waddle Dee – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Spear
Spider – Friend Bounce
Staff – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Staff
Stone + Water/Clean/Ice – Splash, Clean, Ice Curling
Suplex – Friend Throw
Sword – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Sword
Meta Knight – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Sword
Water + Ice – Icicle Lance
Water + Electric – Zap Splasher
Whip – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Whip
Yo-Yo – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Yo-Yo
Friend Combo – Friend Bridge, Friend Circle, Friend Train, Friend Star, Star Allies Sparkler

Worlds and their individual stages:

World of Peace, Dream Land

Green Gardens
Donut Dome
Honey Hill
Fruity Forest
Clash At Castle Dedede
Extra Eclair

World of Miracles, Planet Popstar

Friendly Field
Reef Resort
Echo’s Edge
Nature’s Navel
Sacred Square
Inside Islands
Duplex Dream

Fortress of Shadows, Jambastion

Gatehouse Road
Eastern Wall
Longview Corridor
Western Outer Wall
Inner Sanctum
Heavenly Hall
Sector A
Sector B
Sector C

Far-Flung Starlight Heroes

Planet Earthfall
Falluna Moon
Planet Misteen
Mareen Moon
Planet Carverna
Grott Moon
Planet Frostak
Blizzno Moon
Planet Towara
Gabbel Moon
Star Lavadom
Sizzlai Moon
Jambandra Base
The Divine Teminus
Extra Planet α
Extra Planet β
Extra Planet γ
Extra Planet δ


Guardian of the Forest: Whispy Woods
His Royal Nemesis: King Dedede
Cycloptic Stormcloud: Kracko
The Lone Swordsman: Meta Knight
Dual Defenders: Pon & Con
Frozen General: Francisca
Blazing General: Flamberge
Lightning General: Zan Partizanne
Big Bad Mama: Grand Mam
Officiant of Doom: Hyness
Destroyer of Worlds: Void Termina
Old-Growth Elder: Yggy Woods
Dual Thunderheads: Twin Kracko
The Metal Heavies: Goldon & Silvox
Temporal Warrior: Galacta Knight
Reborn Butterfly: Morpho Knight
Essence of Chaos: Void Soul

Kirby Star Allies


– The Arena returns as “The Ultimate Choice”
– The Ultimate Choice has various difficulty modes
– The extra mode is called Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
– This is a time attack mode similar to Dedede Tour and Meta Knightmare involving the Helpers, likely including Meta Knight, King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee
– Guest Star ???? also includes a new mechanic called Power-Up Hearts
– Scattered throughout the lands are Power-Up Hearts, which are items you can collect to raise your attack, health and speed
– The mode seems to include a secret boss

There are plenty more details that can be found here.

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