[Feature] The Outpost Show Episode 7: “A Year on Switch with Jack Longman”

This weekend, whilst lending my voice to the Year 1 of Switch episode for the Miketendo64 Podcast, I also got the chance to appear on another podcast by the name of The Outpost Show, hosted by none other than Daryl Baxter. A name that should be familiar, since he does the occasional Switch review for us and helped us reach 305 in a single year.

So, for anyone with an hour to spare, here is a link to the full show where Daryl and I talk about Year 1 of Switch, what we hope Year 2 will be and we even find time to talk a little about a possible Nintendo 64 Mini:




For anyone who would like to hear more of Daryl’s podcast, which isn’t actually Nintendo focused, or would like to catch up with him on Twitter, the following links below can help with that and if you’re reading Daryl, thanks for having me one. We should do it again sometime!


Daryl’s Twitter

Daryl’s Website





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