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Welcome to yet another instalment of The Splatfest Bulletin, our regular summary dedicated to sharing the results of the latest and greatest Splatfests! 

With the 7th North American & Oceanian Splatfest over (the 6th one being the global one of Action vs Comedy) and the results in, things did not bode well for Pearl. All the money in the world can not fix her bothersome personality and as such, due to losing the popularity contest and Solo Battles, the winner to the latest Splatfest, was none other than Team Love! Yes, that’s right. Love might not be able to buy you a Switch, unless the person who brought it for you, loves you that much, but love came through for Marina and saw to it she was graced with a 2-1 victory and it tastes every bit as sweet as the chocolates we buy for our better halves on Valentine’s Day. So congrats Marina, enjoy your victory, because it won’t be long before Pearl’s army gets back into fighting shape and aims to bring you down!

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