[Rumour] Nintendo’s 2018 E3 Line-up Has Been Seemingly “Leaked”

*UPDATE (03/02/18): It has been pointed out that the “source” (Ghost !UH9bl/x392) appears to be impersonating the actual Ghost UH9bl/x392. (There is a slim possibility that the two are the same person, just a new account, due to the fact that the writing pacing, grammar and structure is similar, but even we doubt this possibility.) Now, although this information was always stated to be a rumour, which we said to disbelieve, it does seem as though the “leak” is fake. We apologise for getting your hopes up but journalism is following the story and covering it when it happens and that’s exactly what we did and why this was posted as a rumour, as opposed to a leak.  We have also penned an analysis article with VG Culture HQ that looks into the facts and fiction behind these rumours, which you can check out by clicking here.



I know what you’re thinking, “Oh God, it’s another rumour, I’m just going to ignore this,” as I thought the same thing, but then I realised just who today’s rumoured news comes from!

Ever hear of Ghost !UH9bl/x392? They’re a Fireden.net user who last year, on the 11th of January, took to Fireden to say they’re working on the setup for Nintendo at a Switch reveal event in Europe and listed the games they come across. Games such as Super Bomberman R, Disgaea 5 Complete, with all DLC, Fast RMX, Has Been Heroes, Snipperclips and Splatoon 2 and all of those games turned out to be true.

Screenshot (695).png

In fact, every game, pictured in the image above, was in fact true and once again Ghost !UH9bl/x392 is “back” with more news to share. According to a new post, which is most likely the handiwork of an impersonator, “they’re” now helping with the E3 2018 setup in Los Angeles and have already “received installation instructions from Nintendo for the physical stands for their consoles/softwares for E3 2018.” Ghost UH9bl/x392 writes there are no Nintendo 3DS games mentioned in the instructions from Nintendo, as there are only Switch games, but they’re all first party and bound to make a few of us happy.

We will share an image of the full list, but according to Ghost UH9bl/x392, these are some of the bigger games we can expect, WarioWare for Switch, Luigi’s Mansion 3 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Luigi, made by Next Level Games, Pikmin 4, a new Animal Crossing Game, a Mario Party 11 by Nd Cube, a new IP/horror game by Retro Studios, a Smash port (Ultimate Version) that comes with all DLC and more content and a The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD game will be shown as well.


Screenshot (692)

We understand if you wish to immediately disbelieve this impressive line-up, because we do. But we can’t deny, if it all turns out to be true and this is the work of the actual Ghost !UH9bl/x392, but now with a slightly different account, it would make for a great E3 from Nintendo, especially a Mario Maker 2. Whatever the case though, a lot of these games have been heavily rumoured and hinted at in the last few months, so as there is no smoke without fire, it does stand to reason we could actually see half of these games at E3 this year at least and that would be something special. Going forwards, we’ll be certainly keeping our eyes glued on this one and notify you of any news and associated rumours that come into our possession.



Source: boards.fireden.net 1 & 2


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  1. if this is true i dont think they’ll anounce it all at e3 some games will probably not be anounced till later this year. but if its all true then my wallet is going into negative numbers


  2. Hey there! Just wanted to inform anyone that checked the comments that this is most likely fake, as evidenced by the lack of a tripcode in the “E3 leaker’s” post; instead of a tripcode, he uses a copy-pasted name that, at first glance, may look like the tripcode. However, notice the lack of an exclamation mark. This makes it clear that it is not, in fact, a tripcode, but instead a name that has absolutely no weight to it.

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