Celeste Review

Madeline’s choice to answer her inexplicable urge to climb Celeste Mountain, then, amounts to a massive and unexpected classic of the platformer genre. Her journey is one that matches simple yet effectively charming pixel art visuals with a spectacular soundtrack, and that pulses life into them by creating challenging levels with the precision of a craftsman and writing a storyline arch with the certainty that the message contained within will be valuable to a significant amount of people. Like all sensible lunatics that follow their wishes regardless of whether or not they can explain the reason behind those cravings, Madeline ends up unearthing joys that are both temporary and long-lasting. In the former category, there are the numerous instances when players will sit in awe at the unlikely platforming tricks they succeeded in performing; and, in the latter, there will be the everlasting knowledge, which will probably come right after the summit is touched, that they have just experienced a game for the ages.


With Celeste, players will unearth two sorts of joys: the temporary happiness of performing miraculous platforming tricks, and the everlasting knowledge that they have just experienced a journey for the ages

celeste4Life is full of sudden and brief moments when one is overcome by the unexplainable desire to just go ahead and do something. If questioned as to why they have that urge, the majority of people will most likely fail to come up with a reasonable explanation, as it occurs in cases where will is instinctive rather than rational. Whether or not the motive can be articulated, though, the determined, the stubborn, and the ones that feel their lives will be better if they pursue a thrill – be it big or small – follow through on their quest to fulfill that craving, and it is safe to say that, more often than not, endeavors like those do lead…

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