Fire Emblem Heroes’ Next New Feh Channel Broadcast Goes Live January 30th/31st

Sometimes speculation pays off.

Due to the fact there was no Feh Channel broadcast last week, during the time of the month when they usually occur, going by the tweet above, you can actually see for yourself that we speculated there should be a Feh Channel broadcast this week, what with Fire Emblem Heroes’ first anniversary also happening this week, and it is!

Revealed in the game and tweeted by Nintendo of America, a Feh Channel broadcast has been stated to take place on the 30th of January for those of you in North America, and the 31st for those in the likes of Europe and Japan. It is said the broadcast will be 15 minutes long and include all the latest information on Fire Emblem Heroes, and Anna “may be making an appearance” as well.  Be sure to save the link below as that is the link you can use later on today/tomorrow to watch the new episode, followed by a list of times it will go live:


19:30 PT (January 12th)

22:30 ET (January 12 th)

03:30 BST/UTC (January 13th)

04:30 CET/UTC+1 (January 31st)

11:30 JST (January 31st)



Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube)


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